Northern Lights First Photo Grow

With this being my first photoperiod grow, I am looking for your help, guidance and the wisdom your experiences provide.

During the summer of 2019 my wife planted some ancient bag seed into an open space in one of our garden’s raised beds. To my amazement two seeds sprouted and grew. Other than being a recreational user in the 70’s and early 80’s (yeah, we are that old) I had no knowledge of the plant or growing it. I searched online and found a world of information (to say the least). Good god there is a massive industry geared toward home growers and I became intrigued with the idea. And you can actually purchase seeds online too. It is a new world! In July, after performing my due diligence, I ordered my tent and accessories and placed my order with ILGM. Having no clue about any of this, I thought autoflowers was the way to go and ordered White Widow, Amnesia Haze, Blueberry, Jack Herer, and Northern Lights. Everything arrived in August and I started with WW, then NL but none germinated, then BB and now AH is in the tent. Back to the garden. It is early fall; they grew well and anxiously waiting for them to flower. However, both were males and I cut them down when they were 9’ and 6’. I was hooked. Jack Herer will be a summer garden grow.

This January I ordered ILGM Northern Lights, AK-47 and Strawberry Kush.
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I’m on board and set to watch. :+1:

Were these feminized photo seeds from ilgm?

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Germination Phase

4/2 Dropped 5 NL seeds into a glass of distilled water with a little hydrogen peroxide. Put in a paper bag and placed it on the satellite receiver. Within 30 hours all five germinated and on 4/4 I transferred them to Jiffy pots filled with good starter seed mix.

Covered them and placed them under a LED set to veg. in the veg. area. Light at about 28”.
Four of the sprouts developed second set of leaves and placed the Jiffy pot in a 6” nursery pot with FF Ocean Forest on the bottom and the started mix around the Jiffy pot. I gave them a little sprinkle of Great White mycorrhiza.These were taken 4/12


I am more of an outdoor grower but I would like to tag along just because I really like Northern Lights but haven’t had any luck germinating them. I am thinking maybe trying photo NL for next year.

@Drinkslinger I was trying to figure out same thing. I believe that above reference is the answer. I think the males were bagseed.

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Germination Continued
This is the log I am keeping for this grow.

Not much has happened the past 5 days. These are from 4/17 The cotyledon leaves are dying and there is some leaf yellowing. I’m not sure as to why. Maybe misting with veg light on?
Image 15 #4 is beat up from the seed shell it had a hard time disposing of. The butterhead lettuce looks pretty tasty. Under the plastic cup is the odd sprout in the center of the jiffy pot picture.


@fast-grow welcome aboard. First go at a journal so see how it goes.

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The ones we tossed into the garden were seeds from a bag of weed my wife had. What hell, threw them into to garden to see what would happen.


@beardless Count me in to watch this new Chapter in your Life.

I know some “People” that have a lot of experience with the Photo variety.


Germination Continued 4/19
These are from today and will bring you up to date.
#3 appears to be the healthiest of the lot

#2 possibly has a burnt leaf tip
#1 has yellow leaves compared to the others
#4 is still in recovery mode

This one has a bit of a story.

In the last post I mentioned the sprout under the plastic cup. Here it is and I am amazed it survived. It actually grew upside down in the jiffy pot. What was previously pictured was actually its root. I had a 6" pot ready so I pulled it out of the jiffy pot, stuck in the 6" pot and gave it a drink. Low and behold she survived. It is now #5.
Group picture
We have two dogs. A golden retriever and this is Big Boy enjoying the spring sunshine


Welcome. Let me know if you see something that needs to be addressed.

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Set to watch, best of luck

Curious you mention having trouble germinating NL auto. I was 0 / 5 myself. I guess the good thing is I picked 10 NL photos on one of Roberts specials with the credit I received. ILGM does good to its customers in that regard.


I bought the auto mixpack and had no trouble with the Blueberry or the Amnesia haze, but just haven’t had luck with the NL. I just dropped the third of 5 NL seeds tonight and if this one is a dud I will notify ILGM. I have 25 photos on order for going outside due to arrive next week so I am not too worried about seeds. I just have never had trouble sprouting before so I believe it is the batch of seeds, not my ineptness. I do know ILGM will make good. I’m not worried, just wish I would have ordered NL photos instead of Strawberry Kush, and gold-leaf. All is good.

Another issue to think about is the heat and humidity for the various carriers who handle it from a to b.

I love your start. If I can paraphrase, " me and my lady didnt know what we were doing and accidentally grew 6’ and 9’ plants"
That’s epic!
You’re gonna do just fine.
I grew NL photo seeds before. Easy peasy. But since you were talking about your 70’s and 80’s experience, I’ll share that when I bought my NL seeds they were just seeds. There were no auto or feminized varieties available yet ( or good LED lights). I prefer regular seeds.
Good luck!


Memory lane…the stories we could tell. Thanks for the encouragement.
Anxious for them to move past the seedling stage and to figure out what comes next.


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Photo update. I think #5 is going to make it (short one buried to its leaves). Poor #4
Now have multi lobed leaves so moved from seedling to veg stage

Light still on veg at 28". Light is on the same timer used for WWA and is 20/4 schedule. I don’t think/ know if this is an issue. Gave them 2 oz. of PH 6.61 water only. 1,2 & 3 appear to be doing well. It took them a couple of days to do whatever but now they are taking off and growing.
Are they ready for more light? I can turn the bloom switch on my powerful 125W (actual) blurple. Daily log from where I left off


I really like the history log, I’m using a notebook. Dates I have written on the chalk board wall beside the tent.