Northern Lights First Photo Grow

Current progress


Looking good

I am growing NL as well. Day 36 here. Good luck.

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I use a notebook too where I keep more detailed hand notes. This log is for quick reference. I would usually just print a blank form with dates, days and hand write the notes. But, since I wanted to include it in the journal, I keep it in excel so someone can read it.

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Was something munching on #4?

Don’t spray the seedlings, spray the soil. The soil looks pretty wet.

With #5, I’d very gently pull a little soil back, just so the leaves aren’t in contact with the soil and there’s a bit of airflow. This one will easily take off.

Thanks - you too. Good to compare notes

The seed husk took forever to fall off #4. I spray the plants with light off OK? I just watered w/ 2 oz. before I took the pictures. Re. #5, I’ll pull back a little more.

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It’s not lost yet. I still see green. Keep at it, I’d stop misting the seedling. Just the soil and the dome.

Roger that

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Your written record sheet is awesome for keeping track of what you did, are doing and need to do. I wish I had the will to document the stuff I do but I suck at keeping written records of things. Your #4 plant looks a lot like my 3 week old Northern lights. I have given up hope on mine as anything other than a pet plant that I will eventually just have to put down. It is maybe the size of a silver dollar at the moment and just doesn’t want to grow. The third seed I dropped didn’t sprout either so I am giving up on NL and sticking to the other seeds and plants I have. #5 of yours I think still has a chance, leaves look like they may be able to take off and grow but # 4 worries me. I sure hope they take off for you. Good luck, I’ll keep reading and watching your grow.

I am retired so I have the time. The laptop is in the “lab” so it is easy to make a quick notation.
I have a 3x3 tent and I only want 4 in there. So one will get culled and then decide what is going to happen with it. I may just put it outside once the weather is warm enough. I am also in the upper midwest illegal state. Based on #5 beginnings it is a survivor and I think it will do fine once more established. I think I may have told you in another thread but I tried germinating 5 NL autos and none took.

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Looks like you are off to a good start. I’m gonna tag along as well, that is, if you don’t mind :v:

Absolutely. Welcome! Always looking for advice so if you see something let me know.

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Good luck I’ll be following along :+1:

Retired, Midwest - can’t beat that. I have to confirm this with my wife but I think it has been 42 years too. Kinda loose track…Welcome

My fishing poles retired too :fishing_pole_and_fish:


Me too, have wanted to order northern lights, happy to follow along.

Nooooooo not fishing :wink:

Sold the boat too

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Fishing is a expensive hobby, I think growing weed can be too :sunglasses:

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