Drying tent temp around 80 but then 50%

So I can’t get temp much lower in there but humidity is stable. Is it safe to hang dry in that environment

Of course! Heat evaporates the moisture inside the flowers. Drying at temps under 70 actually can cause mold since they won’t dry fast enough.

It’d be nice to see that humidity up a bit about 80-90% with a gradual reduction over the first week from 80%-60%

Too low humidity can result in a harsh taste and crunchy flowers


Mine was around that during drying and no issues just watch it like normal.

If Im running 80F-60RH 1st day out of the fate is this okay? I’m more worried about drying this plant correctly than anything else so far. Any input would be great. Thanks.

Hey @Carol4486. That is a great question. I may soon be in the same situation. Are you only drying in the tent now or do you still active growing, or separate tents? I ask because I have only one grow space and I am looking to begin drying in a week or so, but have others growing. Therefore, can’t give the darkness which has been recommended for drying.

Great work getting to this point!

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make yourself a dry box Bro…simple and cheap to make…cardboard box x2…cheap computer fan from Amazon less than a £10er…pillow case over the front for darkness! :sunglasses:


I set up an additional tent. 4x4x80” Thought I would just use it as additional grow space in the future. I have a 4x4 trellis net about 5’ up to use for hanging. Cloudline xfinity 6 with carbon filter. Tower fan in a corner on the ground just blowing straight in to a wall for a movement not directed at buds. The challenge was getting temps down from 85-75. My garden is in a garage that is heated and cooled by a portable a/c unit. Which is great for keeping veg and flower tents at 80-85 but from what I’ve gathered drying should be 65-75. So I purchased a small window ac unit that I vent to the outside of garage and modified it to pipe in cool air to dry tent.


Sounds good Bro…let us know how you get on…im on the last few weeks before harvest and hope my D.I.Y dry box does the trick! :joy::sunglasses:

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@Deano37 @Renrut131 Great ideas and plans. Unfortunately I do not have space for an additional grow space/drying room.

I think the box idea sounds more realistic although I have never messed with electrical wiring before. I actually have two old PC fans that I took from my brother years ago. Was saving them for when I finally started a grow. I was going to grow in a bucket with the two fans circulating air - that never happened. :unamused: I guess I could try and wire those for a wall outlet? :thinking:

Keep posted on progress. Great to learn new ideas. :call_me_hand:t3:

I used 2 wardrobe boxes, 2 computer fans, and a window AC unit crabon filter to make a drying box…

And this drying rack fits perfectly inside

I cut some slits at the bottom of the box for air intake off the cool concrete floor with landscape tarp taped to the inside to keep bugs out


@thedeernad That is impressive! :call_me_hand:t3:

No MacGyver genes here, but I am going to try the box and comp fan approach.

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@PP3121 thx bud! I was able to get an ac/dc power converter from a box store that has variable voltage on it, used this to wire the fans to be able to be plugged into a normal outlet, and since it’s variable voltage, I have some speed control on my fans!

It worked great, except that it was in my garage last season and the humidity was an issue. This harvest I will have it in my basement for much better humidity and temperature control!

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Nice! I just watched a vid on this. Will need to head to the local hardware store and see what I can find.

I’m thinking my basement might be a better set up as well. I read that slightly higher humidity levels are better for drying and curing as long as temps are slightly higher. Am I completely off on this?

From what I understand mid 70’s and a a reduction in humidity from 60%-40% over the drying period is desirable

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these are a bargain…can get double oones for about £15! :maple_leaf::fire::dash::sunglasses:

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Thanks @thedeernad. Looks as if I misread something.

Will be very difficult to get humidity below 50%. The entire grow I have been between 65 - 50 RH. SO far so good. Have very good air movement and temps have been consistently 80+ which may help keep mold at bay?

However, drying is giving me some concerns as I have brought this first grow to almost harvest time. Currently at 86 F and 52 RH in the grow space.

I can’t tell you the perfect conditions, but I can tell you that last fall when I dried in my garage the temperature was easily in the mid 70s and I’d say at least 60% RH if not more almost the whole time…last fall was quite wet around here. I had some problems with mold on one of the rounds of drying (I harvested 5 outdoor plants over the course of 4 weekends) but I’m pretty sure that moving the drying box into my basement, where the rh hovers more around 50-55% and Temps sit around 68-70, will really improve my drying phase this year!

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