Can't seem to hit the proper numbers

I’ve got an auto flower grow that’s got a potential big dilemma when it gets down to drying and curing time.

The temperatures here are in the average 95 to 100° it’s perfect for growing but I foresee the big problem when it comes time to dry and cure. Ideal drying temps are 60 to 62° from what I’ve read

With a low temperature being 85° here I don’t care what you do you’re not going to get temperatures down below 77°

With the air condition turned on its lowest setting you can only get an average of 77° inside the room. I know the relative humidity should be a consistent 60 to 62 as well and I don’t think I’ll have too much of an issue achieving that.

What’s the alternatives when drying and being incapable of getting below 77° Am I up shits creek with out a pattle?

Running AC ductwork into the tent will still not achieve anything lower than about 77 degrees or 78 degrees at any given time. Utilizing a window unit I’ve gotten it down to 75 once in a 30-day period for about 2 hours other than that you’re looking at a ambient room temperature stabilizing at 77 to 79°

Whatcha think?

Well not much more then what you been doing … but to keep temps down when i did indoors was to keep anything the has a motor out of the room/tent the only motor running in my room was the oscillating fan .now i never used led lights and from what i see and know (im an electrician) about led they do let off lots of heat from the driver and most i see people using the driver is in the unit .i was able to exhaust my hood lights but i don’t see that option with led’s

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Sorry im drunk right now and just re-read your post and realized it was about drying :rofl::rofl:…ill just shut up now


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Hi @Lostgirl

I also live in a very hot and humid location (in the Carolinas along the beach. Summer is brutal.

I grow and dry in my shed behind the house. The temp and humidity was just impossible. So, I fully insulated my shed and then covered that with plywood. My window AC unit is able to cool the space but it runs a lot. When I really need to drop the temp for drying, I add my portable unit. Then it’s super cold.

I also run a large dehumidifier because of insane humidity in the Deep South.

I assume you are not growing inside your house since the temps are so high. Am I misunderstanding?

The first grow, I dried in a spare bedroom using the wedryer. Loved it. Now that I insulted my shed I really don’t need it.

Are you growing in your house?

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@HotAndHumid sounds like we may be neighbors, I’m also coastal carolinas.

I’m in a small closet in my garage with a portable ac and large dehu running as well and it seems like it never stops running right now.

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Yes, I’m growing inside. Just under the roof. Third floor. All the heat rises to that room then the heat from the roof. It’s the only room there’s no other alternative place.

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Ah, if growing in an attic or uninstalled upper floor, it would be a very difficult task.

If there is any way to partition a space and insulate it (especially the roof line). Then use as a long room.

My not be possible since I’m not seeing exactly what you are describing.

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That’s exactly what it is. It’s a drywalled attic room. With a window unit a homemade humidifier, a commercial dehumidifier, and an oscillating ceramic heater I’ve been able to maintain the perfect dial in environment for the girls from seed to harvest.

Once I get past that chop down stage since I can’t get it below 77° that’s where I’m hitting a brick wall.

I can’t use any other room in the house totally out of the question. I made a few wedryers (herb drawing bags with computer fan) but I don’t see that making any difference whatsoever.

The whole growing experience was a little over $2600 investment to buy the best of the best of everything but I said I’ll not put another penny in this. As it’s just a hobby I love to grow. I can’t say this too loud but I don’t even smoke the stuff.


I like cake, and nutz


Current rating outside the tent

Currently inside the tent

You couldn’t ask for a better growing environment. Unfortunately, for drying it seems hopeless.

I’ve been rolling this thing around in my head since I put the seeds in. I wanted to put this thread out there just to see if I was missing something and it doesn’t seem like I am. There’s one small factor that could be a breaking point fix for this.

Were in the hottest month…

one of the girls is a little over 50 days the rest of the tent 40 days you just never know the 50-day-old girl could possibly run to 70 plus days giving me a couple of weeks for the weather to change.

Realistically that’s not going to happen. But it’s the only hope that I have.


I live in a small 2 bedroom (850 sf) house. I dried my first grow in that spare bedroom with the wedryer.

I didn’t wanna grow in that room because I use it for company. But, drying is such a short duration, I was able to cool that single room down to where it needed to be. After that the room was back to normal.

Any possibility of using a spare room just for the short duration of drying?

Unfortunately with respect to the rest of the household it’s 100% out of the question

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We’ll darn. My only other thought is drying off site somewhere? A friend? Of course that would need to be a really good friend? Especially if in an unfriendly state.

For your next grow, can you plant to where they mature before our crazy hot weather. Plant early and flip early. Smaller plants and yield but maybe avoid the high heat and humidity?

I’m gonna start my next one and try to finish by the end of May or mid June before the weather cranks up.

Trying to help but I don’t think I’m succeeding.

The good thing about being in my town despite the absolute ridiculous high temperatures we also get some of the lowest temperatures.

What this means is my next two grows will be in cold temps where heat is not a problem. I can take the tent from 20° to 100°. What a simple little oscillating heater

Unfortunately you don’t have that luxury with an air condition.

So this means if I decide to continue after this grow my next two grows should be flawless in environmental predicaments.

I’m a pretty smart gal, sometime this weekend I’m going to take apart the air conditioning window unit in my bedroom and bypass the thermostat. This should enable me to get lower temperatures. You just need to be careful and watch the unit as it’s basically not designed for that reason.

@HotAndHumid thanks for all your kind input.

What would happen if I got the humidity down to 55% and the heat stayed somewhere around 75° and I’m trying to dry it anyway. Is there any positive? What would be the negative?


I hope some others with much more knowledge chime in but….I’d think your be ok at that temp and rh

“I think” your biggest concern is the rh. Want low Rh to avoid mold or rot? Your temp would be better if lower but hey, it’s the best you can do.

Just my opinion and many others out there that certainly know more than me.

Good luck. Don’t give up

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I’ve got both a commercial humidifier and a commercial dehumidifier I can make that tent 0% humidity or 100% humidity with anything in between in a flip of a switch.

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Same here. I also find it easier to control the humidity than extreme temps. Good luck. Keep growing

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Happy cake day!

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