Question about drying in tent

Ok I am going to chop in about a week with lights off my temp in my tent stays around 65 degrees Fahrenheit and my RH stays about 45 and that is with 3 fans going. Now if I can not get my RH close to 60 with just 1 fan going can I run a humidifier in there to bring it up more and set my inline fan to come at let’s say 58 to keep the RH close to 60


I hope that is good because that is the same plan I will be doing lol


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Yes you can dry you plant in the tent I do just let her dry for 1 week them move to hang them in darkness for 1 week more
Just control you hr and temp and you will good

Happy growing🤘

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You can use the humidifier just be sure it isn’t blowing straight on the nugs and building up water in spots. .

Also, do not have a set time to dry like 1 week 2 weeks or whatever…

Things like temp, rh, and most of all bud structure will greatly effect these times.
My last run mine Temps was 60-70 and rh 45-60.
My smaller 2 plants with big huge fluffy buds only hung for 5 days and then went into grove bags.
My other 7 plants with rock hard nugs hung for 8-10 days and then went into grove bags…

What I’m trying to stress is, let your hanging plants tell you when they are ready.
Lots of videos on YouTube showing how we use the stems to pop or snap to let you know.

Low and slow is best, if you can keep the tent at 60/60 it be perfect to dry in till jared, or bagged in grove bags.
Look them up if you don’t know what they are and thank me later… you will never have to burp again, they are “set it and forget it” .


I will add to @1HappyPappy. There is also a big difference how much you trim before drying. Also, with good conditions like you are describing hanging individual branches with all of its buds will work great. I was able to my last dry like you’re describing and I had a nice long dry.
They are hanging to dry after their bud wash before going into the tent

Temps in the 60’s and humidity a little less and you are in the zone.


@1HappyPappy so if my rh is at 45 to 50 without putting a humidifier in there that will still make it a slow dry. I have no problem getting temp to 60

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So the lower the humidity the faster it will dry. I tried to keep mine around 60% RH and Temps under 70°f.
45-50% all the way through would scare me that it may dry to quickly a I’d miss the sweet spot. But it would absolutely work if you just keep in mind it may speed up drying.
It’s said that Temps should never go over 70F, and well below that is best…


That is a great looking curtain you have there!!

So when you say 60/60 in a tent is bout perfect you mean 60 RH right? I can maintain @ 65F and 50-60% RH pretty easy in my tent in my climate as is. Coming up on 1st harvest pretty quick here. As for the grove bags, I’ve read alittle about them few months ago and I’m intrigued. You like them better then the classic ball 32oz jar for curing? And what about long term storage, like 6 months to a year, do you prefer the G bags or jars? Thanx for your help!!


@Jeepguy 65゚ and 45 Humidity will work fine. That will give you a good slow dry. One small fan in the tent and not blowing directly on the product to move a little air. I also leave exhaust fan running on low. Good luck :v:



That is about exactly my conditions and it works just fine.

As for grove bags, I definitely like them way better then jars.

They claim, and others say they work well for long-term but I don’t know from experience. Mine doesn’t tend to last that long :sweat_smile:.
I got ¼lb bags and 1lb bags.
Looking back I wish I had gotten some 1oz bags and more ¼lb bags. The 1lb bags are really to big for me.
I grow 3-5 pounds at a time and more smaller bags would be better then 1 giant one …

They say to seal them, and my last run I sealed half and didn’t the others and I can’t tell any difference at all. So long as no holes in them, they should last a long time …
My last grow is first time I used them and I’ve not really found a downside yet :man_shrugging:


I use an herb drying rack to hang individual branches from.

Grove bags are the thing you didn’t know you needed, absolutely love mine.
Big thread about Grove bags and how wonderful they are.

I also prefer the qp bags the most for cure/storage, and the one ounce for travel/gifts…


I dry in a tent and in less than favorable conditions. I’ve learned that when I give them water their last 2 weeks versus a dry stage that this helps when I hang them to dry. They’re full and transpire moisture helping with the RH. @kellydans point of a small fan not directly blowing on them is a must :love_you_gesture:


I use them and like them, but will say they allow smell to pass through. Cvaults are another good option, just expensive.


I used grove bags and ball jars on my grow. About 6 oz’s in bags, 3 in jars. Definetly will only use bags from now on. SO MUCH EASIER for as good if not better results in curing. Some of both cures didn’t get sampled till 2 months after proper dry, cure bags were better.

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