Drying in Garage Smell

First grow is almost done. 2 Northern Lights plants, about 7ft tall each. I was planning on hanging and drying my buds in the garage. This is mainly due to no unused space in the house. Also I have kids and I don’t want them stinking haha.

I’ve been monitoring temps and humidity in garage, and it seems to stay around 70F and 50%, and I’ll be running a fan for airflow. My main concern is will my buds smell like my garage? It’s a normal garage, holds tools, lawnmower, etc. but it has that “garage” smell. Will this transfer to my buds?

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I don’t seem to have a problem and they are in a full-time m/c shop. Fuels, exhaust (alot),low frequency noises all day.


Interested to hear the responses on this but in my experience, bud soaks up the aroma of whatever’s around it.

I would be more concerned with the 50% humidity drying the bud too fast than having a diesel smell to it.

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This isn’t my 1st go at it either. Or 1st shop I’ve used. Just 1st time to seem to be dialing it all in👍 thanks to here

I see people saying optimal drying humidity all over the place. I’ve heard 40, I’ve heard 65. I thought 50 would be the sweet spot in the middle?

If it’s what you have, it’s what you have. I woildnt even use a fan in a big garage. They will dry fast enough.

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Would not worry about garage smell. The smell and taste will come from the cure not so much drying.


My experience has been anywhere down at 50% and I’m dry in 4-5 days and the flavor suffered. 60% and I can get to 7 days + and flavor’s on point. Just my experience, different locations of the world, different outcomes I guess.


Thank you. I can try a humidifier in there this week to see how much or little that affects it before I hang them


Back in the day we would’ve been more worried about the stuff in our garage smelling like weed than our weed smelling like the garage. All the weed smelled like someone’s garage.

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You want 55-60%

Hmm. I wouldn’t dry open air. I’d use something to make a “space” with an exhaust. The thing about drying. To me. Is it must be size appropriate to be done right. With out higher tech equipment. You can use the buds themselves to create the conditions for prime drying environment… my first space for tiny harvests was mid shelf… Make the space small enough that the bud will bring the humidity higher than it should be. Then use an exhaust fan to maintain it where you want it. Like this tiny harvest…

Had a bathroom exhaust fan under it that pulled downwards and blew out.

Was made out of nothing but left overs.

I use larger areas for larger harvests… obviously. That table is now inside my veg/prop tent. I now generally just dry in whatever flower tent the plant was finished in. Was one harvest where I shut down the 4x4 for drying and used one of my flower tent for veg briefly. Needed that much air flow at the time. I thought. I don’t think it caused anymore harm than good overall. Definitely could’ve been avoided with better results though.

Basically. I over thought it. Could’ve done less work for the same result.

Getting temp down might be an issue but if u can get it to 60 and 60 that’s ur best bet for a nice dry and cure if u can get it to stay there if at 50rh if watch them after a few days and slam them in jars a touch sooner and let it slow dry in there if it seems to dry too fast hanging. Good luck