Drying…I live in the desert

Harvested over the last few days. Wow. Some seriously chunky huge buds!!!

I am simply not able to provide 60% humidity and low temps. I still have a plant in my grow tent so that’s not an option. It is 102 degrees here today with 6% humidity outdoors. 36% indoors.

What is the consequence of a fast dry? Two days and my buds have given up a lot of moisture already. I’ve got them in a small room with a ceiling fan on low. Temp is about 72, indoor humidity, again, in the 30-40% range.

A fast dry will leave the buds less dense and have a somewhat harsh taste. The chlorophyll needs to break down and all that jazz and the harsh taste is the result of it not having time to. If you can throw wet towels on the floor of the drying area that helps.


Like @Borderryan22 said or take a wash cloth and a pot of water, soak the wash cloth and hang it over the edge of the pot to raise humidity.


Thanks for your responses. It’s nearly impossible to raise humidity even with a humidifer this time of year in central AZ in the room I’m using for curing. I’m gonna have to figure this out for the next grow.


I built a swamp cooler to help me with that. I throw in a few ice packs and put a little bit of water in there with a towel that is set up to wick moisture into the air. My tent humidity is around 55% and temps are down to 68 for the most part. You can also just put a wet towel hanging out of a bucket of water and place that infront of a boxfan.

The answer is get as close as you can get. I live in central NM - I have an average humidity of 12%. Indoors I can get it up to 45-50% RH if I keep everything closed and reduce ventilation as much as possible without increasing the temps too high.

My average dry is 3-5 days. I have learned to do a bud wash (first, you’ll be shocked how disgusting your buds are even if you’re indoor growing; and second, the water adds extra humidity to the air for a day or two to slow the dry). I also hang my plants whole. I also cannot wet trim. A wet trimmed plant dries in 24-36 hours for me.