Dry room ventilation help

Howdy. So since I don’t do Hvac for a living I am just trying to fine tune my needs.

I have a 4x2x5ft tent that I will be using to dry my plants. That is a 40 cubic feet space.

I know by reading that people recommend air exchange every 3 minutes, but is there different guidelines when you are in the drying stage?

As for the negative pressure I am guessing 100 CFM difference is enough. What happens if it is higher?

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My main concern was lowering the Temps and raising the humidity up. Was debating whether to have a separate small ac and humidifier or just a swamp cooler and the exhuast fan with a carbon filter on it.

I just dry in my tents and adjust accordingly. Every 3 minutes is like your fan on low btw. My lung room never changes. Use my exhaust fan only with keeping it between 55-62 humidity. Im less concerned with temperature, doesn’t get above 75 anyway. 70 is ideal temp. The humidity is produced by the buds drying. So even though I rarely let my lung room get over 50-55% Rh. It doesn’t matter. The buds humidify whatever tent they are drying in

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So if I had a completely sealed room. Then I’d run the intake and exhuast to cycle cooler air to keep the Temps down?

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Well dryer air. But that normally comes with cooler. So. Yes.

My house is set at 78 So that is probably as low as I can go . If it wasn’t for all the damn smoke I could open the windows at night and get my house down to 65.

So being Since I might be running a little high in temperature I could aim for a lower humidity to find the equilibrium?

Higher temperature means you want to stay closer to 62% humidity. So it can’t over dry too fast. 58-62% is your finished product target. Don’t want to really hit those numbers for a few days. I usually get bellow 70% in about 3 days then I let them sit in a Tupperware untill they get down to 62%. Shaken 5+ times a day so no moisture gets stuck anywhere. Then I jar with two way humidity control packs (boveda).

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Ohh!! That’s how you do it in Tupperware. I wondered how’d you take care of airing them out when you have so much stuffed in there

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I also never lid the Tupperware. At most put an empty paper bag over the top. Since they absorb moisture too. As long as they aren’t already too moist.

Couple of my jars. Size doesn’t mean much. Except to how much boveda to use ofc

And air gap at top. Yes these are sealed. Still need an empty space for gasses for burping. That’s why we don’t fill jars all the way up

So when you get it in the jars and you are done burping with the RH stable at 62% with your Bodeva packs.

How do you store it then? I’ve heard people putting them into fridges then to freezers, but since we have sooo much it would be beneficial to make it last for a year+

After burping for 2-3 weeks it’s “cured”. Has an indefinite shelf life almost. At least a year before it begins to lose much potency I’m told. Never had any last that long.


If you get it down to around 70% hum in 3 days how long is your drying time all together? Like a week?
So ballpark range is decrease 3% hum/day.
And as you have your stuff in the Tupperware in your tent, you still have the air circulating and all that jazz till you reach 62% then in the jars they go or something like that?

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No once I put it in the Tupperware it’s just in lung room. It’s already in jars. Gets up to 64-65% still. When I burp I shake them once half way through and don’t put the lid back on till my hygrometer reads 62 or less again.

So it’s been over a week and still not all down to 62. It’s fine to smoke. Doesn’t taste to good yet. Needs another week of burping. Was 65% when opened. Closed after a couple turns during 20 minutes. So it says 60 now. But it’ll climb back up. Now that’s it’s sealed again

I use grove bags for curing. After drying just bag your stuff in these & it basically cures whiles storing. It’s easier this way for me. I have 5 grows bagged minus what’s been smoked. :green_heart::raising_hand_woman:t2:

Got it so all that weed in the Tupperware was when you were still drying and shaking 5x a day.

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I have looked at them. So how do you size your bags? I see othe 1lb bags are they really that big to hold a pound?

Also when you Heat seal them can you open them up easily and then seal them back up.

From what I’ve seen heat sealing is only for long term storage. They have zippers.

This is probably what I’ll use with a carbon filter on top and a hole in the side for an intake.
I got 2 small computer fans and will run the exhuast on high and the intake on low for neg pressure and that should do it.

Will the bud dry out if it is too close to the exhuast fan?
Also how close can I put them in there? I am going to hang the branches with most of the leaves on there to slow the process and then have 2 mesh screens closer to the bottom for the heavier colas on by themselves.