Dry room ventilation help

I use several sizes for curing & storing.
Love the prints on the bags.

A closer look at my process. As per my hygrometer history. Which was in the Tupperware and is in one of the jars. To base the others off of.

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So last week it was in the Tupperware and now this week it is in the jar?
Once it starts to stabilize at 62% like I see it did today(9/12) do you then drop down to burping once a week then aim towards once a month?

It is and isn’t that simple. It’s been the jars for 5 days. Was in the Tupperware for maybe 18 hours… I do everything based off feelings. If it wasn’t for the days on the hygrometer and the 9/11 tragedy I couldn’t even tell you the day. Because I just don’t care about it. Time is a restriction of great work. It’s best to ignore time and just do your best.

Based off of the graphs. It looks like I jarred first on 9/6. They may have spent 30 hours in Tupperware. Since 9/4 looks like when I would’ve been cutting them from stems… see how easy is it to denote my actions? You’ll learn it with experience. Just don’t try to learn too much at once. Overload is real.

It was also in the tent where they hung. So it’s been with them the entire way. This is how I document what I’ve done. I don’t need text to know what I’ve done. A picture is worth 1000 words. So when I take pictures. I also take them to show something that will remind me. Since no one will benefit more from a journal than yourself.


Had a thought. That some may say someone like @Hellraiser has journals that aren’t more beneficial to themselves than others. While his journals do help masses. I see a lot of growth in his own knowledge in them. For example his beginning feeling on “triploids” vs his feelings on them today. Organization of information also increased over time. It doesn’t matter who you are. Journals are like brain exercise, all muscles need exercise.


Yep, it’s amazing how much the plants keep teaching me and as I try to teach others, I keep learning more myself. Always look to improve.