Dry/powder Fertilizers.?

Does anyone know of any good or great dry fertilizer/s.?

this is what i have now, they have worked great, but running low on grow fert…


I am using the ILGM nutrients, but they are expensive. I am going to use up what I have then try something a little more affordable, maybe an aurura line that was made specifically for the roots organics orginal potting soil I use, and see if my results are similar.


i have seen maxi bloom mentioned on here a bunch

That’s the same thing I use in my hydro system, but I have the 16lb container of the bloom

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You could just consider using compost tea to feed them.

I use boogiebrew.net 2 part dry tea mix for most of my watering/feeding of the plants. Creates the critters in the tea that feeds the soil etc etc yadda yadda …lol

From time to time I top dress with worm castings and other amendments before watering.

Take a look at the ingredients in the Boogie Base (first part) and the Boogie Bloom (2nd part) they separated ingredients to extend shelf life where before they sold it all mixed together…

Just a thought.


anyone wondering what to do to max out your grow,
this guy is basically spot on…
i would put the additives lower on the priority list, but everything else is right on point.!
everyone should not expect great success 2 or 3 grows in.!!
it is a great goal to have tho.!!

Sixpack spelled it out for us…

Thank you sir.!!


ain’t u seen my garden…??? LOL
i grew outdoors for 6 yrs, went indoors after a buddy said it was possible,
spent 1-2 yrs winging it, then found OverGrow.com,
spent the next 4 yrs growing ‘soil-less’ (peat, perlite, vermiculite, hydro fert’s)
under 400w HPS and 400w MH, some of the best smokes u have ever smoked.!!
i’d like to say my outdoor was better, but if it was it was marginal.!

i love organics outside, but for me it is simpler and more productive with fert’s.!
if i had my choice, they would be in the garden next spring, but i do NOT like the idea of prison.!

  • EDIT> the post thinks that overgrow is an actual site.! LOL
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  1. Master the basics before moving to advanced techniques
  2. Buy quality genetics and know where your plant came from
  3. Lighting is key, you cannot grow quality bud with substandard light
  4. Make sure you have the right nutrients, for the right stage of the plant. Use nutrients sparingly - less is more
  5. The vapor/pressure table and how temps and humidity are important to plant vigor
  6. Beware and watch for bud rot, especially at lower temps

Other recommendations

  • Consider a mid-flower flush
  • carbs are good for your plant
  • Terpenes rule! Get a jewelers loupe to harvest at the right time
  • Consider techniques to LST/HST the plant, healthy stress improves the plant
  • Consider a dry on the vine stress technique
  • Late flower flushing ensure plant is consuming itself, a healthy form of stress
  • Never harvest early
  • Mix light-spectrums
  • Dry slow, should take more than 5 days
  • No scent neutralizers, it may inhibit terpenes

NPK industries has a great line of dry nutrients. There’s also the jacks nutrients. @SlowOldGuy

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I checked periodic table of elements, it didn’t really distinguish the difference between nitrogen from bat guano or nitrogen from any of the synthetic sources haha.

Find whatever has good enough reputation for providing what you need that you can get the cheapest. Megacrop seems to be making pretty good push. People have been using jacks hydro 321 for quite some time. Hydro gardens seems to have a pretty good blend too. You may also have local greenhouse supply that has their own blends, or at least sells others.


duh huh, getting old sucks,
i use greenhouse supply anytime i can, usually cheaper then hydro stores.!
never hit me to try their fert’s, but their bags r large, 25 lb and up…
Morton’s Greenhouse Supply
these guys r within driving distance, might have to go read some guaranteed analysis.!!

@dbrn32, @Covertgrower, @dbrn32
thank y’all for all the dry fert options and for being so very helpful to all.!!
but now i have homework to do, dang new to me products.! lol


No problem! Based on ilgm selling their own nutes, you wouldn’t mind dropping the link please?


Based on the other stuff I’ve seen in use, the totalgro 3-13-29 may be good one too look at. I would imagine a mixture of that with calcium nitrate and epsom salts would be about a complete nutrient line. Just check label on bag for micro content. Some of them require a muxture of soluble traces and others don’t.

By looking at npk alone, I’d bet you can even copy a jacks 321 recipe to get started. Or there’s probably a recipe similar on back of bag. For the cost savings it’s definitely worth taking the time to tweak as needed.

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i called the 800 #, Tony is taking a pic and gonna email me the back of the bags.!!
this is why i always try to purchase from shops with addresses and phone numbers.!

the cheapest peat mix i can find is at Morton’s, Grow Mix #4, no fert’s.
it is not real consistent, the mix varies slightly from bag to bag, so it is not great, but always good and the price makes it great.!

switched to coco/perlite for the renewable resource aspects,
that chit ain’t cheap.!! LOL
like to think i m one less truck load of bog being destroyed.!


I concur, was one of the reasons i suggested taking a look locally. Depending on laws in your part of country, some of them are even comfortable talking cannabis recipes. Others are not, so you kinda have to feel that out and use your best judgment.

For most of us buying in that kind of quantity is nearly a lifetime supply of nutes for about the cost of one harvest with something like AN stuff. Definitely the way to go in my opinion, especially when you’re not getting clipped for shipping.


i think i started indoors with Jack’s father, Peters.!
Peters was on the ‘gardening’ rack with Miracle Junk, the analysis was better and the price was cheaper, seemed like a no brainer at the time, and come to find out… M.G. is over-priced junk.!!
after finding a grow site, i moved onto what ever dry fert’s the hydro store had on the shelf, supplementing with cal/mag and bat guano.

I was referring to what dbrn32 was onto about.
Yeah the 25lb bag sucks, but you won’t run out after ordering it. @SlowOldGuy


I think a 25 lb bag is awesome considering. When you look at dosage per gallon of water, that 25 pound bag should supply about 3700 gallons of water for about $42. A gallon of gh florabloom runs about $35 and will treat about 700 gallons per gh drain to waste schedule. The flora series is considered “cheap” by just about everyone.


great vid @SlowOldGuy. both my parents were teachers and it was a harsh discovery in real life to discover how important experience was to gaining expertise over a subject. as a kid i thought it would be knowledge 60% or 70 and experience 30 or 40%. after living life for 60 years my conclusion is that it is more like 10 or 20% knowledge and study and 80 or 90% experience to really take advantage of opportunities available to you in accomplishing what you want. looks like a five year plan to get even close to where i want to be in growing pot LOL.

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You might be an expert in the lighting department but from your above statement the big picture of what petrochemical based chemical man made based fertilizers do to not only the health of the soil but of the plants themselves our environment and ultimately the health of those who ingest the plants in one form or another needs to be considered. I’ve heard your statement above used before by those who aren’t willing to take or dont want to embrace the next step in their growing green evolution and would rather take the easy way when growing things. The difference between a living soil (inside or outdoors growing) that does all the heavy lifting for the grower and growing in a lifeless dead medium is the use of natural amendments versus chemically derived nitrogen and so on. Plenty to watch and read on the differences between natural and man made nutrients and how they interact with plants etc. feeding the living soil that then feeds the plant versus just feeding what you think the plant needs.

Scientifically proven time and time again. I am not posting anything here that isn’t backed up scientifically along with ones common sense tells us one path leads to sustainable farming with limited if any negative impacts and the other with huge negative impacts.


Please try and refrain from making condescending comments especially when your statement is misleading at best.

I wasn’t sure if I was just going to let your reply stand but the more I thought about it the more I felt the need to educate whomever on the realities of their decisions to use man made chemicals or natural nutrients.