Flower Power Fertilizers Any Thoughts?

so i have read all the information provided on them, but was wondering if anyone has or is using these nutrients and if so any opinions on them?? would be for an indoor grow either HPS or LED depending on whether i change lights

I have not used myself but I’ve only heard great things about it. Thinking about using it after my FF is used up.

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i haven’t heard anything @jasong which is why I’m asking… IGLM certainly know what they are doing with their strains that’s clear to see in their bud of the month contests lol… and one would assume they would with the food as well… guess i was just looking for some confirmation on it… and a clue to how long the bags last as far as plants per packet so to speak :slight_smile:

I am curious to as I was looking to buy some ILGM seeds but wasn’t sure if I was going to go with a complete pack or just some seeds…

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@latewood has used the flower power nutes with good results. He said that there bloom fertilizer worked great and it is his new favorite. I am also thinking of giving them a try. I’ll probably grab a few of the starter packs (minus the seeds) and give them a go.


Has he? well hopefully he will have some advice then :slight_smile: Like you @AngelicSoul & @Jmesser80 I’m really interested in trying their nutes and their seeds… have seen enough of their strains being grown in here to know they are good :stuck_out_tongue: just want to know on the feed to see if its worth getting a complete pack feed & seed

To be honest I wouldn’t hesitate to grab the starter pack with the seeds. I already have some ILGM seeds so will only need the nutes.

if i hadn’t just dropped £200 last month somewhere else i would be jumping at them now :frowning: didn’t know they sold seed here to recently i just used the guides and grow bible for the first year of my growing lots of awesome info in them :slight_smile: but going to have to try not to fussed with my current feed and don’t want to go back to my old one either even though its was simple and easy to use :stuck_out_tongue:

I here ya. I just spent $160 in seeds on ILGM and the big packages of nutes are pretty pricey for the entire line so chances are I’ll probably just try some cheaper nutes this next go around. Was thinking of buying 2 of the starter packs of the nutes which should get me through the next couple of grows. I only grow 5 plants at a time usually but only grow once a year and hope to get enough yield to last me until next harvest.

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any idea how many plants a starter pack would be good for though?? i tend to do 6-9 autos at a time don’t wanna get half way through and run out

as for the price… if they are good then mehh you get what you pay for i guess

This is what @latewood told me when I had asked the question…

"Out of the starter pack of Flower Power; I got 2 plants that were flowered for approx 11 weeks. This was a Gold Leaf, and an OGKush.

I had plenty of start and grow for my next grow to start, I ordered more bloom and booster. I ordered thew kilo of bloom, because I was extremely happy with the products ease of use and results. I also think I will not have to reorder bloom for a long time; Many many grows.
If you want to grow more plants…say 4; Buy 2 starter packs. Same with Autos. You might get 3-4 autos out of a starter pack due to having a month less finish time.
Last; If you can afford; Spend the bucks on the big packages to start with, and you will be set for over a year depending on how many plants you grow. Maybe 2 years, and what makes poeder better than water based concentrates; It does not go bad in the foil pouches, like a water based nutrient does after a year or so"

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awesome thanks @Jmesser80 so 2 starter packs drop 8 auto’s if you run out towards the end no harm done can just keep em on water for the last week or so :slight_smile: sounds like a plan… if i see results then the big bags it is :slight_smile:

but what if you have a particular 2 week feed you refuse to drop :stuck_out_tongue: i like my flower bomb :bomb: way to much to give it up lmao

I don’t see what you couldn’t use your flower bomb rather than the booster that comes with the starter pack.
I have good results with the nutes that I am currently using, I like them because they are all organic but they are a dry fertilizer that you add to the soil and I would like to try a wet fertilizer next time. That’s why I was thinking the flower power. I guess it is powdered form but you mix it with water.

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@Jmesser80 is this a chemical fertilizer? I started using FF halfway through the grow last year and using them now.

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They have an organic line available.

I’m thinking of trying this next grow. I think the plants might gobble it right up👍


Ill check it out. Not going to switch midstream but maybe next grow like you . Ive got really good results so far with the FF. It have to be a big difference.

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I have done a grow with Flower Power. I did a side by side against Foxfarm, and Botanicare. Flower Power won the yield production part of the contest.

One starter pack is good for 2 Sativa, 3-4 Autos, and 2-3 Indica if you can finish in 8 weeks. I had Start, and Grow left over. Ran out of bloom asnd booster. I reordered the Bloom Kilo size pack. I am ready to grow.

Doing a fruity pack this time. Cannot wait! Strawberry Kush, Blueberry, and Pineapple Haze. YummY!!!

See you later


Thanks for breaking that all down @Jmesser80 and @latewood running them sums against what i grow and use now it seems to make perfect sense to switch… one last question though lol already asked about my flower bomb… but what about using a PK booster?? only asking coz i cant use Flower Bomb without it being along side a good PK and Magna-cal

That organic line I linked previously has a nutrient for Veg stage and flowering stage along with a PK booster. So it is a total package from start
To finish.

Awesome didn’t even look at their organics thanks

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