Flower Power Fertilizers Any Thoughts?

I believe the other nutrient line they have also includes a PK booster as well.

Not sure what you are asking me. I thought we were talking about Flower Power; Which includes a booster to be used for 2 weeks at end of grow and a week or 2 before harvest.

I’m currently using hesi range
TNT Grow
Booster Flower Accelerator
PK 13/14
with a few extras

Prior i was using Ionics
Green Fuse their flower booster
PK 14/15
with extras

here in the UK we have our bloom boosters and accelerators and then our PK boosters separately…
am just cautious on what i can and cant add along side your range at ILGM

I personally would not use any of these products with Flower Power. It is not needed.

thanks @latewood and after reading all the NPK ratings on what i use and when in the plants cycle… i think for the first grow just play it simple and see what flower power does on its own… to much of a good thing can be bad :wink: definitely going to put an order in though using 2 FP starter packs would still be halving my current feed bill :relaxed: