Flower power nutes

I have been wanting to try the Flower Power nutes (indoor soil ) would i need cal mag or ANY other additives? silica ? anything?

I was looking at that line myself, as a soil grower I’m always adding extras and mixing it up ,experimenting is learning for me, go big ,grow big!:seedling::palm_tree::seedling::palm_tree:Ganja vibes

@gpitel it won’t hurt to have them , it’s better to have them and not needed them , than to need them and not have them .

wondering how were they designed? says its everything you’d need in one… I’ve looked at the feed chart and it doesn’t indicate any extras. don’t want to add if its already in there… don’t want to not ad the cal mag if its not.( is this the best place to ask? or is there a CustomerService# lol )

@Latewood or @ Macgyverstoner might can inform you better on the nutrients .

What people tend to not understand from the start is the fact that if you use a quality base nutrient system correctly; You do not need a separate additive of CalMag. CalMag became popular due to the “Lucas method” using General Hydroponics 3-part. Since them it seems every aspiring grow mentor calls; “It is a CalMag issue” Most of the time it is not. :slight_smile:


I think she was asking if the Flower Power nutrients works great for cultivating and what was all in the nutrient blend ?

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I think ill give it ( Flower Power ) a try- it seems its plant specific ( assuming ) since its sold by ILGM web site, it says its complete and I like the schedule so I will do as stated and use the “quality base nutes” and hope its enough. Thanks for your time and advice to all those who responded. xo

I have not used it yet but I did grow several plants with Roberts liquid fertilizers nutrient boosters he had Grow , Bud and Mass and it worked flawlessly and yield some big dense dank buds , so from that along I’m sure the flower power will do great if not twice as better than his liquid mix , plus I think you get more grows out of the powder and it’s more concentrated for chelation , but keep us informed , we would like to see reports , and pictures of your babies once you get them going .

will do :heartpulse::herb::grin:

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If you might need an additional cal/mag supplement also depends on how you grow, especially what media you are growing in. If you are growing in a coco coir media, you will need additional cal/mag.

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thanks…Im growing in promix ?

Promix is mostly peat, and peat doesn’t cause a cal/mag deficiency like cococoir can.


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good information! I appreciate it, Thanks

@gpitel that’s is the guy you need right there to help trust @MacGyverStoner is our greatest blessing , he is the forum head man on the Botany of plant growing in agriculture , tons of wisdom on cultivating cannabis , but if you can dial in what he says good luck on trimming cause it will take you about 2-3 days on the buds he will help you grow trust me , but he is a very busy man thousands of emails , post and threads to moderate from hundreds of us trying to learn , but in time he will respond and give his wisdom , follow that and you won’t be sorry at harvest , great guy very knowledgable and taught me a lot , I’m just a pion rookie learning well informed but no expert , Latewood is the head groundsman that also can give you tons of information on learning especially in hydro , but visit the grow blog sometimes and go read Roberts teaching plus the free grow bible tons of useful information to help as well , good luck and Happy Growing can’t wait to see your success .

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