Opinions on Open Sesame, Beastie Bloomz, and Cha Ching

Opinions on these nutes for flowering? I’ve been using Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom, but am curious about these stronger fertilizers.

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I know you followed my grow and I used OS, BB, and CC. No complaints here. Just remember to flush during Flower especially with these nutrients. I was having ph issues with two plants. I used Sledgehammer to flush and it definitely helped to reset ph.

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Thanks, @Bulldognuts. I thought about them maybe being “salty,” and I don’t usually flush unless I have a problem. Probably a good suggestion.

When you do a flush like this do you flush the soil clean and then add back light nutes again the same day?

I’ll have to go back and read through your journal again.

That’s exactly what I did. It seemed to work great. The main issue was trying to correct ph. After I added nutrients and PHed water readings came out perfect and everything was back on track. :+1:

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Thanks. I’m going to copy the flowering part of your journal to a Word doc so I can search on opensesame, beastie bloomz, and the other one.

That’s cool. I was a little confused through some of it, until I finally realized that I had a ph issue.

Yeah, I’m reading through your journal again. Good stuff. Did you find you needed more cal/mag with the supplemental P and K? You had some monster buds. How much lighting were you using? Do you attribute much of the success to adding these 3 boosters?

I used cal mag starting in pretty early veg if I’m recalling correctly. @Myfriendis410 noticed in one of my pics slight discoloration, funny I was talking about that this morning. So we determined it was cal mag issue. Started it and I used 5ml every watering all the way until I started getting ready to harvest. As far as lights I had a few issues with that. Mainly I Jacked up the power to high with them to close. Had some foxtailing and some minor bleaching. Turned them back to, I think about 85% and raised them to as high as I could go in tent. That slowed down the bleaching and foxtailing.


Thanks for that. I’m going to try cranking up my lights on the ones I just started to flower. I’ll have to find the balance. I had always just used 1.5 - 2ml of cal/mag and had no issues. Seems like I might need to crank it up.

I’m hopeful I can get the results you did. I got some good flowers this harvest, but thy weren’t too large (tall) like yours were.

I just went with recommended dosage on cal mag schedule. Not sure if I could have went with less. Didn’t seem to hurt.

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just hit at the garden store lol
any suggestions?
growing in ffhp

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Go light on them. I ended up with a potassium excess even at half doses with Beastie Bloomz. I’ve chosen not to use Cha Ching. I don’t understand why they would put nitrogen in a product intended for use during the last 2 weeks of flowering.

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gonna use these on 2 autos that are gonna be ready for nutes in another 2 or 3 weeks.