Good nutrients for soil and hydro kit

Looking for recommendations on nutrients.i am currently using sensi grow/bloom for the drip system with b52 during veg and big bud in flower. The soil plants are in FFOF soil so I wait about four weeks to give them nutes. Was looking to use soil ammendment since I have never used them before. If anyone has any advice please let me know.

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@Nickknowsfunny hey I’m sorry I just had an unrelated question for you. I’m a beginner grower but I noticed the light system you have. The white one on the right, is that the Wills CREE COB LED light?

I just ordered one and was wondering if you’ve had any experience using it and how it has worked for you?

FSG TEK 1500 watt cob LED, (cheap amazon light), just wanted to add some extra light in my tent for veg. I will be using 1000 watt hps in another tent for flower.

@Nickknowsfunny Oh okay! So this one is a 1000 watt but I’m only using it for 2 plants in a 4x2x5. It should be plenty right?

@garrigan62 he is the man to go to for soil questions

For veg yes but prob not for flower

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i’d just use the sensi on the soil as well, Advanced Nutrients work great in soil, just ph it to 6.5

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@garrigan62 can you help me out??

@Nickknowsfunny I would recommend advanced nutrients 3 part perfect ph it takes all the guess work out


Sure can. What’s up my frend?


I just went and saw that you were asking about Nutrients.
When I started growing, that was the same nutrients that I was using. Your fine. I now use my soil no nutrients, just special tea.

B Safe.