Dropped 6 seeds after soaking for 24 HRs. 2 of the six are stunted anddeformed

This is the 1st bad experience I had with ILGM seeds. All 6 seeds were soaked for 24 hours then place with the tip down in rapid rooters. All seeds remained in the same tray under the same conditions.
2 of the seeds have produced deformed stunted seedlings. I don’t believe that these seedlings
will produce as well as the other 4 if they survive.

  1. Indoor grow still in propagation trays
  2. Origin of seeds? ILGM
  3. Banana Kush Autoflower
  4. RO water using the Grow easy nutrient schedule for GH recirculating
  5. PH 5.7 @630ppm?
  6. still in Rapid rooters.
  7. Nutrients or fertilizer system used.
  8. 2’ T5 dual bulb grow light.
  9. Heat mat regulated to 78 Degrees F
  10. 45 - 50% both day and night
  11. AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier? Not is use yet
    12.6" carbon filter evacuation fan and 4" active influx fan
  12. Co2 No
  13. 3 years
  14. $2000
  15. IStll in propagator
    16b. 1 qt spray bottle


Couple of suggestions:

The soil is too wet. Cannabis needs wet/dry cycles and seedlings need only a couple ml of water per day. Overly wet soil can cause damping off (root rot.)

The proper pH range for soil is 6.3 to 6.8.

It’s not time to measure PPM and it’s far too soon to feed seedlings. Seedlings have all of the nutrients they need in the cotyledon (little round) leaves. Depending on what soil you use, you may not need to feed for 4 to 6 weeks from your last transplant.

T5 bulbs are fine for seedlings, but you are going to need proper cannabis lighting with the correct spectrum for adequate growth and flowering.

Everything else looks reasonable. Welcome (back) to the forum and happy growing.



These seedlings will be transplanted to an ebb and flow hydroponic system.Thus the PH at 5.7

Just trying to complete the support information request.

I am using this fixture for propagation and will use a California Lightworks Solarextreme 1000.

Those 2 seedings in the picture just don’t look reasonable to me, after having a few grows under my belt.

Much thanks for you reply and help

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Sounds like you are on the right track.

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Judging the final result after a couple days above ground is a mistake. I have two plants in the tent right now. One is 7 weeks old the other 6 weeks. The younger one was started after my first seed wouldn’t sprout. Once my second attempt sprouted it was messed up looking and small. My wife was ready to trash it and start again, but I convinced her to let it go as I never intentionally kill any plant. Well its now outgrown the older plant and has at least ten large colas developing. Its gonna be a half pound of dried bud in a couple more months. They will surprise you at how well they will overcome a poor start.


I agree. Lol! I’ve also had some strange looking little girls, to start. But turned into some nice little ladies! I also can’t bring myself to kill one. Just figure it’s a chance to see what developes.


I’ve grown 3 mutants from the same strain. Two healthy productive plants also. Those, though small, don’t look horrible to me. Give them a little time, you’ll know soon enough if they’re not going to be worth your time.

I think it’s a genetics thing with autos. I’ve got one now 5 inches tall, in full bloom, looking like a tiny palm tree. It happens, unfortunately.


Autos are funky sometimes. I had an AK 47 auto start like that and it turn out to be one of the better plants at the end. Next run, start them in the finishing pot, dont transplant.


I believe that soaking the seeds is why alot of people dont have a good strike rate i believe that soaking the seed is drowning them try just damp paper towel in a slip lock bag and see what happens .i use the cotton pad method and i dont soak my seeds either and i get 100% strike rate


I don’t see anything to worry about. I have some germ with deformed cotyledons all the and turn out to be great producers. I would top off the medium with the ones stretching and lower the light some :love_you_gesture:


Welcomed to the community @jnt62

Like @Spiney_norman said and @OGIncognito

I don’t see nothing to worry, don’t give up on them if look different

All plants had different gens to growing not matter if is same strain

Happy growing :green_heart::hugs::christmas_tree::metal:

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Thanks for reading and responding. Your thoughts are the consensus of the others that have responded.
It’s great to have a community of experienced growers to draw on.

Thanks again

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Thanks for responding. Your input is much appreciated. It’s good to be back.


@Mefis @Autofreak @Aussie_autos @MidwestGuy @Spiney_norman @OGIncognito @Fiz @TEGRITY

Thanks for your time and effort, Your experience makes this a great place for anyone regardless of experience level



Happy you are getting help that you find useful.



Always best community :metal::+1::grin:

Happy growing


Not a problem anytime


I just figure everytime I log in as a chance to get a fellow grower’s ideas and thoughts! I’ve grown for a long time, but I have learned more here in the last 18 months! People are great here!


Anytime Grow Bro, I’m down a little east of ya :love_you_gesture:

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This can happen with any seeds from any supplier.

Just finished a grow of Gelato (auto). Experienced the same issue. One plant “matured” into a record breaker (for me) in yield (also vertical height). The other was so short I called her “stumpy”.

Yet as the grew - WHAT a difference! While the “big” Gelato grew and grew and grew, the best (densest) cola’s were on “Stumpy”. The main cola on “stumpy” wound up six inches across and over 9" tall - and DENSE. I cannot wait for “stumpy” to finish cure . . . :crazy_face:

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