ILGM Fruity Kush Seedling Help

strong textSeeds: ILGM Banana Kush and ILGM Mango Kush, ILGM BlackBerry Kush
Started two in jiffy pellets. The banana in back right is soak to soil.
Tent: Vivosun 4ft side to side, 2ft front to back and, about 5 ft tall. 48’‘x24’‘x60’’
Soil: Coco Coir/ Perlite Mix prepped with ph’d water and calmag
Nutes (when ready) FF Grow Big, FF Big Blooms, FF Big Buds, CalMag
Water:purified water PH’d with lemon and baking
Light. SpiderFarmer SF 1000 at 23” height.

Not sure if anything is wrong. The bigger one in front which is banana looks a little weird but I could be stressing about nothing. Any help greatly appreciated.

Looks like just some wavy leaves. It should grow out of it.

Forgot to mention light is at 70% intensity as well. Too low too high?

Ok awesome. Good to hear.

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I would do 50% or less if you can.

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Checked on them 2 hours after light on and this is how they look. Two have fallen. Temp in tent was 76 with 50% humidity. Light still at 23” and at 50% strength. Over water maybe?? I have just been using a spray bottle with ph’d water for them. Not sure what to do.

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Few other thoughts but I’m a noob. Are they stretching? Should I lower light intensity to 40% and lower light? Are they possibly under watered? Sorry for all of the questions everyone

Yes they are stetching. Lower the light and you should be good. When you repot them, just plant them deep to fix the stretch. Anything below soil surface will root.


Would it be too early to put them in their final two gallon now to bury them? And just be careful to not overwater?

Yeah, personally I’d leave them for now. Transplant now can really stunt them and possibly damage the roots trying to grow. Just try to get the light at the right height.

image image image

Well, we have three decent seedlings here and seem to be doing well. Does it look like the two on the left are ready for transfer out of the cups? Also the one in the front seems to be lighter colored or does it look ok? Thanks everyone!

They look like there ready for there forever home.

Awesome. Got the forever homes ready this morning. Probably will transfer tomorrow.

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So this is what they look like now. Mango kush on the right with the big yellow leaf. Blackberry kush on the back left. Banana kush in the front. I know they are flowering but should I add some of the fox farm grow big back in next feed? See a few yellow leaves here or there and a lower flower site struggle.