Does she look ready to harvest in a week?

I’ve had so many issues with this auto I just want to finish it. The ph keeps going up to 7.9 every week. This auto has been taking forever I’ve been growing it for 4 months . However I don’t want to harvest too soon so please anyone… tell me your thoughts . A good amount of the pistols are brown but alot of them are still white . I stopped giving it nutes 5 days ago: is this too early ? Or does she look ready in a week?


What do the trichomes look like? She’s a beast.

Here’s a pic through a magnifying glass ( pistols )

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Hard to say with those pics, but I think you wouldn’t go wrong with harvesting in a week.

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She sure “looks” ready. All the leaves have died off. It may continue to bulk up but I feel like I would chop if it were mine.

Hard to tell but sometimes they start foxtailing so pistils will keep going new and white over the old… doesn’t look like typical foxtailing though. make sure to look at trichs on older buds (and under the white pistils)

How so? did you water/feed to 20% RO during flower?