Harvest Opinions

This looks ready to me, mate one more week. What are your opinions?

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Looks early yet. No browning of the pistols.


3-4 weeks.


I was thinking at least till the end of the month, but looking at it close the trichomes look to be getting cloudy. So I wasn’t sure and need options. Thanks!

Wait til your pistils start receding then start checking tricks. Hopefully you didn’t stop feeding or anything like that, she still wants to put on some weight.


That’s a very pretty cola, but you’ve got more than a week. Wait for all the pistils to brown and shrivel up, then check the trichomes for ripeness.


Sounds good, the top pistils are browning and some of the lower ones are starting. It will be 80 total days about the 1/24 so I figured a couple more weeks but wasn’t sure. These are the best I have grown so far. I love AUTOS! Lol.

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