Auto flower not sure what week of flower im in HELP?

This is my first autoflower, first time grower, first everything. I have a northern lights auto im not to sure what week of flower im in…my leaves are turning colors already. Im not to sure the exact week it started to flower I have it at about 5 weeks into flower about 12 weeks total. It might be later into flower but not to sure any help will be appreciated. Just trying to get a estimate how much longer I need to go…again thank you Pics below


I see alot of white pistils as a guess you could still have a month. For the most accurate way to determine when to harvest is by looking at the trichomes (sugar on the buds) and it has to be the buds not leaves leaves lie. You’ll need a jeweler loupe or something similar to magnify them. There are apps for your phone that will work not great but you can see and photograph them I use one called "cozy " here’s a couple pics to explain what to look for… lookin good though good luck

Thank you I appreciate it i didn’t expect it to grow so big its almost 6ft tall so I got kind of thrown off

It could have been trying to get closer to the light, if you kept the light high. Or it’s just a tall strain I can’t tell from here. It’s definitely tall for an auto. Lookin like there could be a calcium deficiency or your ph is off they kinda look alike. Also looking again it could be closer than a month there’s a good amount of red hairs (pistils) trichomes is the best way to tell

I been ph the water around 6.5 to 7.0…I been using tiger bloom and big bloom…should I buy cal mag for calcium?

The soil ph can be off. I never had a problem with fox and ph but it really depends on how you are feeding. If your soil is full of excess food (salt) it will make your ph drop real low and then you get lockout

Ok thanks im going to check it


Nice plants you still got a few weeks to go.plants still have more to offer. I would start my water to run off an check. PPM an PH see where you’re at and Make adjustments accordingly.

Will do that and thank you

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