Week 9 Update - GSC Autoflowering - First grow

Hello all,

My plant is now on it’s 9th week of my very first grow. I have some concerns with how the outer leaves are changing and they dont look healthy, and i am not sure as to why.

Right now I am doing the following:

Lighting: 14 hours on, 10 hours off
Watering: Water until water comes out of the bottom, wait until the soil starts to look like its drying up, and repeat.

See the pics below: it is just one plant of auto flowering GSC. What do you guys think from your past experiences? Anything I should change? How long do you think this plant has before I should harvest per say?


You still probably have weeks to go. The Pistils haven’t even started changing to a Amber color. Once that is happening, look at the trichromes with a jeweler loupe or a small hand held microscope.

I forgot to add. Don’t look at the sugar leaves nor the bottom of the plant.

Depending on how high you want will determine by the trichromes what % of amber you need.


I agree with MrPeat you have weeks to go. So far with my grows the plant will consume her fan leaves. Use magnification to check the the trics. Harvest at your preferred stage of ripeness.

These are White Widow Autos, taken a few days ago. The 2 on the left are very close to harvest most of the trics are milky. The buds are quite heavy and are bending there stalks.


Awesome advice your plants look so good. So to add on to what you said, what should I be looking for in the little white trics which I have notice on my plant. Am I waiting for those to start turning amber?

I’d advise you to purchase a jeweler loupe or a pocket microscope. Up to 120x magnification will show you if they are ready. I never saw a amber trichromes with my naked eye.

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You got 3 to 4 weeks left if your lucky

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Thanks, the more milky a head high, more amber the more couch lock. the last one never got any amber the stems started breaking from the weight , She gave me 4.5 oz of dried bud. This will show you how weird autos are. All 3 of those plants are the same age.

The one on the right is at least a month from harvest. Listen to these guys they are the reason my first auto did great!!. Here is a pic of my first auto harvest

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Very interesting, I have a magnifying glass that I use but I will look into the loupe, how do you go about harvesting your plants? Do you just cut the stalk and hang it up side down, or use a drying rack? I’d like to get the materials I would need for harvesting ready now and prepare the set up while I have a little while to go.

@Mta36 I have a magnifying glass and it still don’t pick up what you want to see. I pull the whole plant when I am ready to harvest.


As you can see it’s not expensive and with the 60x you will see the amber trichromes clearly. Not as good as this pocket microscope.


I’m now cutting the branches off so they can dry faster as the main stem takes longer to dry. And as big as my GSC is I will have a hard drying process since she won’t fit in the closet. I’ll have to rely on drying in a box.

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Your plant looks pretty good man your goind a great job and you have gotten some good advice already but I will chime in if you don’t mind.

First off whenever you have time read the articles on the website, growweedeasy and royalqueenseeds all are very solid websites you will be referring back to many times.
As to your chief concern its hard to point out exactly without some info, I’m leaning towards light nute burn but Im just guessing at this point.

What’s the high/low of your grow space with both humidity and temperature?
What’s the PH of the water you are giving her?
Where does the water come from? What’s its ppm?
If you don’t know already ppm is the measure of solids dissolved in the water, both PH & ppm are important to check going in and the in a run off water sample (keep a grow journal for this reason it will help you alot) so get a PH pen and a TDS meter (spend around 100$ online on a PH pen, you won’t regret it the cheap cheap ones don’t work)

You said your 9 weeks in are you feeding any nutrients? If so give us some info on that.

As for harvest t your little hairs (pistles) are all still white so you have quite a while to go but it will depend on the type of high you want check this chart out

I woild advise against a pocket microscope as they are cheap and hard to use, the best way to use them is to cut a sample so you can hold it steady and no one wants to cut the plant early.
Instead I would opt for a USB microscope that you can click into your phone, these are still not the easiest to use but much much easier and gives you pictures that you can share with us.
I would also get a jewelers loop if the moneys not a huge deal because the loop will be ideal for daily checking (at least I’m told I don’t have one I just use the USB microscope plugged into my phone)

Read up on harvesting is your best bet, you don’t really need anything if you can use your tent, fan, & humidtor/temp sensor.

2 weeks before harvest you flush with cold water, until your soil has no nutrients left so you’ll be using alot of water everytime you flush (Ph’d water)
Then before you harvest cut all the fan leaves off and then wet trim it, hang it in your tent turn off the light and keep the fans on low.
Once a branch “snaps” its jar time, put them in a Mason jar with a humidtor (or a bucket but I found glass works better) check on it at first alot and anytime it goes above 62% Humidity let it air out. After a bit you’ll be doing it less and less it will stablize at 62% and after its stable and your not burping anymore toss a humidity pack in and let it sit checking on it once and a while.
Should take 2 months from the time you first jar it to the time it’s ready and cured to smoke so be patient.

Oh also all drying and curing should be done in darkness so store your jars in a dark place