JH auto week 9 - when to harvest?

The ILGM site says harvest autoflowers after 10 weeks. Am I getting close?


I see lots of white pistols so she is still building, no close up pictures so can’t see tricomes. 10 weeks is just a reference # all plants are different. I would say a while longer, but very nice.

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Here’s the best I can manage at the moment:

I see some amber tricomes on the leaves but not sure if the rest are clear or cloudy.


Let them go for now, disregard trichs on leaves too. Once majority of your pistils are receding start checking trichs on the buds


@dbrn32 has your back and I agree that there are still a lot of white pistols stretching. When they all shrink and mostly turn amber then your close. There gonna get a lot fatter so be patient. And happy growing!! :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:


Great, appreciate the advice!

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Most of my autos have been going till week 15 ish, all are different


Should I be concerned at how light green the leaves are getting?

Is it a good idea to defoliate a bit?

I defoliated a bit to improve air flow.

I see that even bigger buds are forming with new white pistils. So even though the old ones turned amber, there are still plenty of new ones that need to turn before the plant is ready to harvest.

I’m still seeing severe clawing and yellowing of the leaves. Not sure if that’s normal during flowering, or if there’s some sort of nute deficiency/lockout going on?

@autom8grower maybe this will help you

How do these trichomes look?

Take my advice with a grain of salt since I’m harvesting my first grow now, but I see mostly milky/opaque trichome heads in the first two pics. The third pic I see a lot of clear heads though, maybe it was taken from a bud lower on the plant?

With that said if you want more of a couch lock, then you’ll want to give it more time for them to turn amber. Keep in mind you will want to water only last 10-14 days if you are in non organic soil.

Are most of the hairs brown and retracting into the calyx’s? Looks real good man.