6 1/2 weeks into first grow with harvest questions…

First time growing. All four plants are autos. The two in the back are white widow(on left) sour diesel(on right). The two in the front are sour diesel(on left) and white widow(on right), these two had LST. The WW in the back left flowered earliest and is already developing nice looking buds. Since I’m only 6.5 weeks in since planting I’m assuming there’s a good bit of flowering left before harvest, but since I’m so new I’m hoping to get some feedback. Especially since there appear to be a ton of amber hairs all over it’s colas/buds already and from what I understand you want to harvest once about 50-60% have turned amber. Thoughts? Here are the ladies…

This is the main cola…

and a couple of the smaller ones…


Those look further than 6.5 weeks since planting. Look more like 6.5 weeks in flower and fattening up nicely. Once I see the pistils amber and start receding back towards the bud I start checking Trichomes more closely. Typical autos are ready for harvest around 10-12 weeks of flower :love_you_gesture:


They do right?? It’s odd. The germinated seeds were planted on 8/27 making it only 6.5weeks now. Do you think that I should possibly be harvesting this one WW within a week or two? Based on looks alone it seems that if I wait the 10-12 weeks I was planning it might be far too late?

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The WWs I’ve grown went 10-11 weeks. Do you have a jewelers loop or mag glass to inspect the Trichomes on the buds? I still see a decent amount of white pistils :love_you_gesture:

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I don’t. I’m just realizing I think I was mistaking the pistils which largely seem to be Amber/orange with the tricomes which is what I should actually be looking at changing to the amber color for harvesting purposes. Are the Amber pistils not really relevant compared to the color of the tricomes?

I’ll have to get myself some sort of magnifying glass


I want to know what your geeding them girls. They look close to 8 or 9 weeks along. Bravo sir


The seeds are from ilgm
Planted in FFOF
I’ve been using the Bergman fertilizers in various amounts since week three

Early on I used smaller amounts than what was recommended, at this stage they are getting about 1g of the flowertime fertilizer in about 60oz of water almost every other day. The one plant in the front left has been getting less as it has the most signs of nute burn

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There related in a timing way. The pistils will amber and start receding back towards the bud signaling the ripeness of the buds. Once I see them receding is when I start checking Trichomes more closely :love_you_gesture:


Awesome, thanks for the insight! Doesn’t look like they are receding yet(from what I can tell at least). I’ll see about getting a magnifying device

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