Outdoor Autoflowers at 13 wks, harvest window/downunder

Hi All,
Here is a mix of WW, JH and Ak-47 outdoor Autoflowers. I have picked the top cola off of 2 plants, while leaving the rest to mature some more. Have not tasted any yet but it all is looking good.
I have been reading some discussion RE: Autoflowers and the time to ripen? Last year I harvested at approx 12 - 13 weeks. This yr at 13 wks they still are not yet 50/50%(amber,milky trichomes).

Im thinking that 1 more week for the plants Ive harvested some already. But the Autos in the 7 gallon grow bags are still 2 weeks away Im guessing from the tric’s maturity.


WOW it looks amazing! Where did you get the seeds? How long were they in the vegetative stage before flowering? How much are you expecting per plant? Mine is so small comparing to yours. See photo on the thread: Your opinion needed to judge the trichomes colors please! - #3 by Hellraiser

I agree with @Sheikman. They do look amazing. You have given them some serious love. Healthy happy plants . Well done.

Hi Sheikman,

The seeds are ILGM, purchased online, autoflowers. This last grow they were in veg’ about 4-5 weeks(Dec-Jan). I have a 2nd crop of Auto’s started and they transitioned into flower, again at about the 5 wk mark.
Im not sure what to expect? At least 1 - 1.8 oz’s per plant from the auto’s grown in 3 gallon bags. But if you see in the above group pic’s(white pot & black pot on left & behind the green chequered bag), Ive potted-on 2 autoflowers(WW & AK-47) into 7 gallon grow bags just to see what happens and they just love all the extra medium and still are growing, there are white root tendrils growing out of the bottom’s of the bags. Those 2 still are at least 1-2 wks away.
With the trichomes, I try to wait until milky white/amber colored is approx. 50/50. That said you can see the JHerer top cola Im holding in the picture, the tric’s are about 10% amber. I want to sample the smoke from early in the harvest window.
Im having to watch closely now as some bud-rot has shown up in one of my WW’s.
I had a look at your picture’s. I would let it go another week and allow them to fatten(the trics) up.
Its alot of work, but glad you enjoyed the photos.
More coming…


Wow. Healthy plants

Thanks for your recommendations! Yes I will probably harvest this week or next. I will have another close look tomorrow and take some photos!