Is she near to harvest?


Jack herer auto 7 weeks of flowering. From now i use only water for about 1 week. will she ready in 1 week ?

She’s got plenty of time left. I’d continue feeding for at least another couple weeks


Ahh… ok… :frowning:

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It’s a game of patience at this point. This is the make or break part of the grow. Pulling too early and the whole grow is ruined. It’ll be a tell-tale sign that it’s close when all those white pistils darken and recede.


When you look at trichomes don’t look at the sugar leaves. That pic is definitely sugar leaves. They will mature faster. Also look at buds 1/4 to 1/3rd way down the plant. Looking good!!


Thanks you too

a lighted magnifying glass will show whether trichomes are cloudy , clear or in between. that is your harvest signal.

let her go a little longer and larger harvest and much more complex flavor.

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Same question

Saw that too and have read so much confusion for this first time old lady :flushed:

They look cloudy to me

Where it says 50% hairs darken pretend it’s 80% or more. Don’t know why all the guides pretend that the hair percent matters though. Most of the hairs darkening just says it’s time to look at the trics and then go off of them. And then monitor the trics on the calyxes not the leaves.last picture is clearly a leaf. Useless

Be aware that if you are using a lighted magnifier it can create reflections on the trichomes that can fool you. Best to look under natural light IMOP.


Still throwing white hair’s keeper going

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