Does LST typically slow the growing/flowering process?

First grow. I have four auto plants, two Sour D and two White Widow. With my completely novice eyes the two plants I didn’t do any LST on seem to look better, healthier, and are already starting to flower with multiple good looking bud sites(again novice eyes so I could be wrong).

The two in the front have had LST, the two in the back haven’t. Back left is WW. Back right is SD. Front left is SD. Front right is WW


Untouched WW



Untouched Sour Diesel

LST Sour Diesel


These are all about 22-24 days since I planted the germinated seeds

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The ones you havent trained will end up with the main 6-10 inches taller then the untrained ones. This will make the bud on your lower branches lighter and smaller then the main. The trained ones are gonna give you a more even canopy, better quality overall tops. As for slowing growth, stress can sliw down growth, any stress not just high stress. However, there is no guarantee 4 different plants will move at the same pace. The untrained ones are taller because the growth hormone is being sent to the tallest top where on your trained plant it is being more evenly distributed.

Keeping all your tops even has the same effect on an auto as topping with 1/4 the stress (important with autoflowers) you will want to have available something to elevate your trained ladys so that after the stretch they all are at the same height under your light. Either that or you can supercrop your untrained plants after the stretch.


Thanks a lot, especially for the tip at the end. After I decided to only LST two I realized I’d have an issue with lighting due to an uneven canopy. Hadn’t thought of elevating the pots of the LST plants until you mentioned. Common sense not being so common for me I guess :joy:


Ha! I dunno you had the sense to run the experiment. Only difference from you and I on that point is a couple grows. Doin excellent work my friend!