1st Grow-LST Timing and Preparation

Hello all,
Still working on my first grow.

Got 2 Jack Herrer autos, both are now 16 days from sprout.
Organic Living Soil
3gal fabric pots
TS1000 light in a 27”x27”x63” tent
Watered every 2-3 days
Started adding low dose cal-mag on watering days beginning 4 days ago.

My question is when to start LST, or if I should at all. The intersecting nodes of the plant are fairly close, maybe a couple inches between them, plant seems sort of squatty and bushy.
Had lighting at 20”, and it is now at 24” @ 70% power in effort to stretch them out just a tad for more spacing. Not sure if this is the right theory to use, or if I have to at all.

I’m concerned we won’t have enough stem to begin bending and forming. My goal was to keep plant height down while maximizing bud sites and max yield.
Do these plants look healthy and with the proper spacing for LST or is stretching certainly needed here for any hopes of training to work well.


Fairly new grower here, but I would wait a little bit, thought being that you would just end up having to retie or stake once those stems grow out

Hi and welcome ur plants look great nice and healthy i would let them grow a bit more before u lst train them you want at least the fourth node or fifth node before you start training however you can do another form of training it called fimming it doesn’t stress the plant out like topping but if you want to fim i suggest having a look at some videos about it on YouTube to see how its done correctly ,i could tell you how to do it but i dont want anything lost in translation ,but definitely have a look on YouTube about fimming


I think I live in flatland. Lol

I like to keep them flat and short spacing between nodes.

In the end, the whole plant will grow and expand anyway.

Here are a couple of my “ideal” node spacing and size when I supercrop her all the way on her side.

And you can keep LSTing and stretch them out further.

Good looking plant. You will do fine regardless.


Looking good. Great job

I Fimmed my gorilla glue auto. It was the first time I had ever Fimmed one before. I like it. I’ll do it from now on. The plant on the left is the gorilla and the one one the right is OG kush. Both Fimmed.


Well done!!

Different grows I progressed as I tried another technique as time went along:

First did LST
Second did topping
Third did FIM
4th did supercrop


Pretty much that.

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Yea, but you may get an auto starting to flower after only 3 weeks so. Well I topped a NLights auto in week 2 and she flowered an day22! I like topping. Not only to spread the plant but they start to develop more bud sites:

You can make it focus on say 8 or so colas and lie them in a spiral configuration:


@Audjag, @Aussie_autos , @VirginiaGrowBoy , @SilvaBack203 , @HMGRWN

Thanks all for the feedback.

@Dexterado , @6stringT (Telecaster?)

Very nice looking gardens, thanks for sharing your examples. Being my first garden I thought I would try LST alone and then look later at other training methods. Baby steps…


No, Im a (retired) luthier (high end acoustic guitars) But I like “teles”.

Good choice! You may be challenged to grow 2 plants with one 100W LED however if you’re good at LST…maybe!
I always like to show people this one:

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Must would say you’d need 2 TS1000s for that space with 2 plants in flower. I would agree. I’m pushing it in my 20”x36”tent with 2 100W LEDs:


What light is that @6stringT

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@VirginiaGrowBoy , @6stringT and anyone else who can lend some experience and insight…

Plants are now 19 days old. I started my 1st go at LST last evening, but I’m not 100% I’ve got it right.
My other thought is, the canopy sorta looks thick as a brick to me and wanted to ask if one needs to prune a couple of the large leafs out in order for light to reach the rest of the growth.

Also, seeing several of the white hairs, calyxes or pistils I think? If so, how much more time is typically left to allow for LST after this starts?

Before LST:

After LST(only center stalk was bent):

Overhead of canopy w/LST:

Calyxes or pistils forming?


If you haven’t done it already, you could gently pull the top over about 30 degrees and try to start gradually daily flattening down the top.


Sorry, I’m an idiot. I didn’t see the after photos before I commented.

Looks like you did fine easy does it gradually each few days

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@Woodrow that is 2 100W LEDs connected by 6” dividers I made from aluminum flat stock and 1- 68W CFL that was collecting dust after the seedling phase, so I rigged it up there…safely of course. So IDK maybe the equivalent of 150W at @ 12” with a DLI @50 or so.


LST is training that takes time. You can eliminate some of the lower fan leaves that get no light, increasing air flow and focusing the plants energy to the more productive flattening canopy your forming. The goal is to end up with as flat and spread out a canopy as possible, which collects light energy as evenly as you can get it, all the way into a few weeks of flowering, even 4-5 weeks, I’m always making small adjustments.

Here are my attempts as a Noob. Weeks 3-7 White Widow Auto.