1st Grow-LST Timing and Preparation

Those are looking good @Jostelma . Much more stretchy too than mine are at this time

My garden is currently 22 days old. I’ve done some LST on a couple branches and then a little defoliation for more air/light. Hoping I haven’t F’d up too bad and things are on the right track. Can’t tell if the tops are still pushing new growth or beginning to flower.

id say if you have a good light and organic nutrients do not do LST. I belive this is a joke for people who cannot affordt good lights and nutes. If you have a power plant, then you sonr need to manipulate your braches because you already have way to many! A dense PLANT! sersiosly, look at the plants that people train… they look so sad, twigs being help up for no reason.

Started LST on my gg4 autoflower at 4weeks and that’s it because i was nervous doing anything else and its my first grow ever now at 9weeks growing outside and she loves it, i know its not over yet she has 3 to 5 weeks left i guess lol

but i am stoked🤙

Hmmm. Okay. Any other opponents to lst? You maybe onto something with the light thing! :man_shrugging: I have been just leaning towards scrogging and topping/fim/topping.

Beautiful work sir looking fantastic