Day 76 Bubblegum Auto - Lots of Amber Cutting Soon?

First grow and I think I’m close if you decide when to chop based on Trichomes. Thoughts?

Chop her a week ago. :grimacing: Are those on sugar leaves? You want to check trichs on a calyx, but as dark as those are, I’m gonna say everything is pretty amber. Most people shoot for around 20% amber.

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Overdue in my opinion

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Thanks! Yea I want more of a body high so trying to wait as long as I can. :grin: Photos from a main cola top tiny leaf.

Ok. Coming down then. I checked it about 5 days ago and it didn’t seem nearly as amber. Things changed quick.

Care to share an overall picture? Just because I like bud pictures. :slight_smile:

With that much amber all you’re going to get is a sedative.

Always check trichs on the actual bud, not on leaves.

Take some shots of actual calyxes before you chop it to be sure.

These new photos are from a bud on middle cola.


That looks much better. Your trichomes seem to be ambering oddly… Like, it looks like I can still see some clears and there are obviously ambers, but I don’t see any cloudy.

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Chop it. I bet they’ll amber as you cure.

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