Changing Nutrients

Hey ILGM family. Looking to change my nutrients this outdoor grow. Anybody got experience with Humboldt Secret products. Was using GO nutrients last grow. Afganny and Bruce Banner on deck. Thank you.

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I use supersoil only since I started to use it. It’s a little more work to make the soil but well worth the effort. Allows you to water only through the season. Keeps it simple and organic. Only thing I might add is a nutrient tea a couple of times during flower for an added boost.

Hey @shindig153 Not sure supersoil is my answer. Been looking at recipe for supersoil from @garrigan62 working on quality this year. Wasn’t so happy with the quality of the buzz from my last grow. Plants were good looking though. You near Tunbridge?

Quality for my grow is great. I used @garrigan62 recipe with good results. Tastes great, smells great and smokes nice and smooth. Potentcy has never been an issue. No flush required makes me feel better that I’m not putting pressure on the environment.

I’m about 1/2 hour from Jay Peak in the North East Kingdom.

Here are some pictures of my outdoor grow using supersoil. Supersoil also help pull the colors out of the plants.

Purple haze

White Widow auto



Wow that is impressive my friend. I’m so glad you shared your results. And that’s why I share for a result that will do just as you said, and that’s just what I tell everyone.
Thank You so much for sharing.
Enjoy my friend.


I’m sold on supersoil. I like taking a lot of pictures and find them useful to share here.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I appreciate it.


You mite want to check out my thread on Micro,s Awesome stuff my friend


So I just bought ilgm nutrients… I’m wondering if I can feed my plant nutes daily , or every other day . With being watered in between? All indoor grow fox farm soils and ilgm products! First time grower

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You do not want over water or over feed your plants. I water when there’s a little droop.
Hope that helps.
Good luck, Great grow.

Thank yu

Could you please help me

Yo @Trickdaddy . What kind of help do you need?

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Help with bringing my plants back to good health

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Cool dude @Trickdaddy . A few pictures will help. Indoor grow or outdoor. I’m an outdoor man as we speak. Great forum. We’ll get you right.

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Yes you got me motivated again thank you. It’s a indoor grow too cold where I am for an outdoor grow.

Got some pictures. I you soil or hydro? @Trickdaddy ? I’m a soil/outside guy. Living in MA
What kind of set up are you working with, man?

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Please see pictures. My tent won’t come for another week unfortunately trying my best

When should I start nutrition. ?

If you go with nuts…go after veg. I only use water in veg. My supersoil uses water only. Veg and flower.
Some work, but saves on nuts. Good luck, GREAT grow.:+1::v::sunglasses::herb::herb::herb::herb: