Will's grow journal into the unknown


The clones , not all of them but 5 were transplanted yesterday into 1 gal cloth pots and sprayed, well first I made up a tea mix and added it to the hole put them in covered over and soaked them again then sprayed them. We’ll see this morning when the lights come on at 6am how they faired over and they are under a 300 watt L E D
I’ll post pic’s after 6 this morning.
And the 6 girls are doing better than expected, Talk about BUD CITY just blows me away when I walk in every morning … lol
Oh and the diamonds that are starting to cover the leaves is simplely awesome


Here is another option for Humic Acids as well.



Got it saved to my Decktop with all the other stuff that I make tea with.
It sounds like I will try this on my next grow.
Thank you very much for turning me on to that site. 1

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Your welcome. It’s a wonderful company. Been in business since 1977 making all organic products and there is a buttload of them to choose from!

Nice read on your grow…thanks for sharing

Here is where I source my compost tea supplies http://www.boogiebrew.net
They too seem to have great products for organic grows and walk the walk as well.

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I placed this one in there also.
Man thank you so much. I have been researching micro’s for a little over a year now and just now starting to get to using the tea that I have made.
Have you been to my thread on Micro’s ? If not here is the link
Check it out, I would like your opinion … and be honest I’em a big old fart … lol



I got this message and I just can’t tell you how it made me feel … better than awesome is all I can say. But makes everything I do here worth while … Check it out…


That’s awesome @garrigan62 when someone benefits from what you have shared!

I’d did read through your tea recipe and think it’s great.

To be honest I am by no means an expert on any of this I just like to be a sponge that absorbs information rather than a rock where that info just rolls off and does no good…lol
One thing I do know is when making my teas I do aerate the tap water to remove chlorine for a couple hours but I do not adjust the Ph at all…nor adjust Ph before feeding to plants…it will all do what i5 needs to do via the living soil and living organisms in the tea as well.
I may be wrong but this is what my common sense tells me as well as things I’ve read about it.
If you’ve checked your Ph after the brew it will be back up to where it needs to be as it self regulates…just like our bodies blood pressure adjusts to physical or emotional etc circumstances. If you adjust the Ph after brewing but let it brew more and check Ph it’s back up where it needs to be so I don’t mess with Ph at all when brewing either in the beginning or especially the end. I also think…don’t know…just think that the brew time 12 hours, 24 hours,36 hours and so on will determine wheather your tea will be more fungal dominant or bacterial dominant so you can based on brew time switch back and forth using the same input (ingredients) just adjust the time it brews…

I wish many others on this forum and across the globe realize what man made additives are doing to our health and the health of Mother Earth. So sad.
We humans are really messing things up all for convenience as the natural way is too much work, too hard, takes too much time and is more expensive…which when all is taken into perspective they don’t actually ring true. So much knowledge of our ancestors have been lost to the marketing machine for convenience sake!

Anyway yes your efforts have been rewarded without you ever asking for that…one of the best feeling out there for sure…


Light bulb…

I may totally disrupt all the millions of combinations being used to grow indoors by everyone by simply growing in all worm castings with perlite for aeration and only water with my boogie brew compost tea and see how that goes.
Reduce the 15 items to set up the plant to grow…or how many that numbers is to just 3…lol that would put you and other moderators out of a role…maybe
After all Mother Nature gets it done all by herself…man is the one who is fighting her not the other way around.

Keep It Simple Stupid

KISS , a backronym for " keep it simple, stupid ", is a design principle noted by the U.S. Navy in 1960.[1][2] The KISS principle states that most systems work best if they are kept simple rather than made complicated; therefore simplicity should be a key goal in design, and that unnecessary complexity should be avoided.


That is a must do. If you didn’t the clorine would kill all the micro’s.
I’m really happy to have bumped into you and having the chance to talk with someone who understands what i’m up to here’
Check it out, sound familiar … lol

There is no ―right‖ way to brew compost tea, only better and best. Before long we will have developed biological feeding schedules that direct growers on how long to brew their compost teas given humus, foods, and catalysts to accomplish the microbe spectrum that makes sense for the plant and stage of growth, like we do mineral products. For a higher fungal: bacteria ratio for hardwoods, brew 24 hours using fish hydrolosate and humates. Feed hay has shown promise in increasing protozoa counts, so brew- ers can use it and brew for 48 hours to sequester more for their gardens. The possibilities are endless. Some growers are experimenting with aerating their microbes for a period of time before adding food sources. The idea is that some microbes wake up faster than others, so brewing without food lets all of them get their feet on the ground, so to speak. The new frontier in natural gardening will develop around these ideas. One thing is for sure, we‘ve got a lot of work to do. But, hey, it could be worse, we could be sitting in a cubicle.
If we approach the biological situation of our soils and hydro systems humbly, we will be in a far greater position to benefit. We can get more out of our plants than we have come to expect. Growing plants is about much more than feeding a plant directly, it‘s about taking stock of their total environ- ment, including the biological (microbial) and energetic (biodynamic) aspects of the growing situation. If you‘ve never used compost tea with your plants, you‘re not maximizing the genetic potential of your gar- den. Consider this your clarion call. Stop by your local garden store and get started today.
―Nutrition as it is today does not supply the strength necessary for manifesting the spirit in physical life. A bridge can no longer be built from thinking to will and action. Food plants no longer contain the forces people need for this. So long as one feeds on food


Yep so true!

I just now watched this video from boogie brew web site…new great info! New to me anyway.

A must watch for anyone who brews tea to feed the living soil.

Screen shot from the video


I to just watched that video you sent … Dam this is awesome stuff and I was thinking just the same thing as he brought up at the end of the video mixing it with worm castings.
Then I thought , I work with a lot of logs and some times I get a log eaten up inside real bad. But inside I find these white worms and black beetles and along with them is this black soil looking stuff now I’m thinking about that stuff in the eaten parts of the log.
I’m going to look into that a,s,a. p
What do you think about that.

And by the way My Name Is : Will


Yep Will the compost made by the critters in rotting logs I’m sure would not harm but only help things grow…just not sure if any issues with bringing in bad “bug seen or unseen size wise” as well?
Walk in the woods and dig under the decomposing leaves and you will find fantastic compost soil just down under! It’s everywhere you just have to look for it!

I’m John…called many things but that’s what my parents gave me…lol

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This is what I found in one of my logs out back. Nice in black. I’m going to dry it out and then sift it and cook it in the oven @ say 125 for a 1/2 an hour to kil any critters and mix up some with the worm castings and give it to one of my clones and see how it grows. But i’m going to be buying some of those to items one in the video and the other one that you sent me the link on.

Ya that’s funny because my parents called me everthing but my given name … lmao


A Quick Update Of The Gal’s

Monday they start their 6th wk into flower

And of course. We can’t forget Coryeta


They’re really putting on some pistils for you!


Oh I know it and still 4 or 5 was to go

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Hey buddy @garrigan62 . At last my plants go to 25 gallons mesh bags tomorrow, per your recipe…with minor amendments. Took me 4 hours by myself to do it. It has been sitting , waiting for 5 weeks. HIGH expectations. Thanks TONS for your time and advice. Wish me luck. Happy growing to you and all .

Lots of work mixing and blending. Hope the weather cooperates here in the Northeast.:wink::grin::sunglasses:


You will be impressed with the supersoil.

I’m actually mad at @garrigan62 because my plants keep growing too fast/big!!!

I’m watching!

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Hows it growing G man? Those ladies should have been chopped n puffed by now. Any photos of the rewards

No I sure didn’t, got so busy than sick never got the chance to I wish I had
was an awesome take.

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