Garrigans Super Soil Let Me Know

If your using garrigans Super Soil let me know, so that I can add you to my journal ok. Oh, and a brief comment.



I’m not but I’d like to read up on it. I prefer to build instead of paying out the @ for soil. Tag me please.

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That’s awesome my friend. I will tag you for sure no worries ok
If you ever need any thing just tag me ok?
But ya you’ll be able to re-use it and save and best of all no nutrient just water a little tea and just watch them grow … kinda like watching grass grow … lmao
and by the waY YOU CAN OLWAYS ASK, @AAA OR @Skydiver ok They both use it.


You know I’m here! I’ve started a late session outdoor crop and will be starting indoors first part of October. All with super soil.


I’m using it for a grow now. I started the grow the beginning of this month and outside of having to wait a couple of weeks for the rock phosphate, it was pretty easy to acquire the ingredients. I am using "Roots Organics for base of super soil and promix advanced, worm castings, azomite, humic acid and some added Mycorrhiza for the top 2/3 of the soil.
@garrigan62 What tea would you recommend? I have some liquid fish fertilizer 10-0-0 for nitrogen boost if needed.

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What brand is your emulsions? I have Alaska but it’s 5-1-1 @HTCMG

It is Alaska brand also and the bloom product I have and will probably use outdoors is theirs also but it is 0-10-10, easy to find in the states.


That’s what i use, i’ll post the other one hen i get on the pc in a bit.



@garrigan62 hello brother plan on trying to make a batch for my next grow . Have you ever tried using a home made compost from one of those rotating barrels? I’m thinking to much of a risk with unwanted critters though .


No I haven’t but will be in the spring. It’s cooking right now …

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We just bought 5 acres in the country and are starting soon . Not my first grow but the one after that at the new property Im thinking of giving it a go . I figured enough food grade Diatomaceous earth would get the critters out a couple of weeks before I use it .

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That is so awesome, I’m really HAPPY FOR YOU
I’ve been wanting to move to the country and get about the same amount of acorage and do the same thing and having those two strokes make’s me want to go now or as soon as posible. 1


I am going to use your soil mix for my grow outdoors next spring, I will be putting plugs in the ground thinking 3x3s plugs. Will the super soil recipe work well outdoors ?

@garrigan62, I’ve been reading up on your super soil and looking at using it next grow, (next fall). Am I correct in understanding all you feed is the tea? From beginning through the chop?
I’m a fan of the hassle free approach for sure!

Hey bud I want you to know that my current grow has you to thank for putting me on track for organics. I’m having incredible success this time around and it all started with your soil mix.
Thank you kindly.



Thank You very much for your kind
Words. That right there what you said makes what i do all worth while, thank you.
Say if you can. Post a few picks and please keep us organic growers posted posted…ok.

B Safe


I’m posting the grow in a new thread I started a few days ago just click my name and you be there

these pics are on day 15 of flower.


Looking very sweet my friend. I’ll be watching my friend.

B Safe

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Here they are today