C vault or Groove bags

Here’s my situation. I run a continuous grow of autos. Usually 3 to 4 per run. Now I’ve got quite a stash stored up and I like to keep each strain separated. That way if I want to smoke during the day I can grab something like Runtz. Or if I need something to put me out I break off some blueberry glue. I’m looking for the best way to store them and not have them go bad.I feel groove bags are the way to go. C vaults are like having Mason jars, and that’s become a hassle. Takes up way too much space. Also, with the groove bags, should you also toss in a humidity pack?


I am a Grove bag person. I have kept as long as 8 months with no humidity packs. They really make the cure and storage easy.


Imo. Long term, jars are still the best.


Once I crack a larger Grove bag I do put them in jars. I roll about 10 joints a day so opening the bags all the time is a pain.


Grove Bags IMO Brother, I’ve re-used some of the bags 3 times over the last 3 years. I don’t use boveda packs, I’ll sometimes throw a small hygrometer in the bag to to make sure the humidity is good. So far all have maintained 60-62% :love_you_gesture:


Good to know. I just purchased 12 groove bags and have a little over 1 oz in each bag. I grab a little every couple of days grind it and when the grinder is empty I’ll hit something different the next time. Sometimes I like mixing different strains. Last night I mixed Blueberry Glue and Mimosa Lemon Haze. That’s a good combo.


I use the grove bags for curing and long term storage…I do heat seal and store in a stable environment and this is important because the bags breathe and if you store in a bad environment they will not do the job they are made to do…after a year buds are testing around 10% moisture, terpene taste is low and other effects are less… I put in the bags around 11-12% from drying…I find that the buds reach their peak around 6 months…just my experience with them…


The blend sounds good, I’ll do that at times. I basically use the Grove bags as storage and they get opened and closed daily and haven’t had any issues zipping them back closed and the RH :love_you_gesture:


may I ask after reusing, how many times it last long ? i’m using this for 2 times now or around 1 year.

And where you kept them when you put buds in bag.

TIA. bro

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I’ve used the same bag for 3 separate harvest and store them in a dark closet at around 70-74 degrees, basically what I keep my house temp at. I’ve also stored them in the bags in a cooler under the same temps. Keep the RH around 60% and they’ll be good for a long time :love_you_gesture:


Do not over-stuff the bags, my recommendation.
Buy 50-ONE-OZ bags when on sale.