Brown markings on leafs

Hi everyone,
Is anyone able to identify what’s causing this?

Feeding them? Looks like cannibals in there

By the looks of it, the condition has been allowed to progress too long. I suspect it is calcium deficiency. Possibly compounded by ph issues. I imagine it started early into flower which is common.
Rather than filling out a support ticket a few answers to a couple questions will be helpful.
What are you growing in?
Do you ph all intake (feed and water) and also test runoff for ph & ppm?
What are typical readings - in and out?
What nutrients are you using?
Have you supplemented with a calcium magnesium product?


Thanks for replies.
I’ve been somewhat neglectful to this plant ( long hours at work ) i fed it 2 days ago with a seaweed base fert. Soil ph is in the right range. The water I use is filtered tap water. I know the plant is eating itself for nutrition, so can I save the flowers at least? How often do I give nutrients from this point forward? I do have some cal mag.

Good flower nutrients 1200-1400 ppm for a couple weeks. Get calmag on board first.

Thanks mate. Will do.

Hi mate,
She doesn’t look pretty and despite poor health, the buds are still growing.
Can I ask you please if I should alternate calmag & nutrients every feed for the rest of the grow? Cheers & Thanks

A couple of doses should do it. So, plan on 2 applications alternating with feed, and see if new leaves look better.

Thanks buddy, I’ll do that.

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The flowers have continued to grow. Do you think the buds will get much bigger? Lots of brown pistils. Five weeks in flower.


Keep feeding them and keep them healthy and they will continue to fill out.
A couple AK47s - switched to 12/12 on 1/31.
On 3/8 - 36 days later

The plant on the left on 4/2

Very nice job on your plants sir.

Thanks mate.


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