Brown spotting on leaves

Strain: White Widow (femme)
Method: Fox Farm Soil
Vessels: Five gallon plastic buckets with drilled holes in bottom
PH of water and plant: 6.2
Nutrients: Just started dosing biocanna bio VEGA
Light System: HLG 550 V2 ECO
Temps: 66-72 F
Humidity: 58-68 F
yes ventilation

Do we know what could be causing this?

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Are you perhaps flowering?

Using any calmag?

Let me find a support ticket

Edit: most the ticket’s there. Nevermind lol


Think this maybe?


Those two leaf fingers just under the majorly infected one looks spot on. Great eye @Shirkules

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Heh. Thanks.
I just happened to find that leaf diagnosis page.

All thanks goes to Nebula Haze.

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No not flowering or camag dosing

Thanks for the help.What’s the best way to handle a calcium deficiency?

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Cal mag.

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:point_up_2:t5: This guy gets me lol

Also!! PHing is important!!! Dont just drop approximately correct amount of calmag in some water then pour and expect results. U need that meter to make sure its right.

Sorry didnt talk about a meter. Get a pH meter. Apera 20 or Bluemats. The bluemats is a tad high but both will pay for themselves this grow

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This is a medium range of the deficiency, I’m assuming that because the OP knows the ph, they are utilizing and correcting.

It also makes me suspect they are using RO or purified water.

Supplement calmag at 3ML per gallon every time if this is the case…

And also at op, why is it 6.2? Because you know the ph I’m assuming you have the resources to correct it…

Your water should be 6.5 after nutes.

I’d assume this is actually approaching late stage deficiency… based on the pics you have provided…

Here’s what the start of a calcium deficiency looks like…

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Using well water ph upper 7’s. I use a ph test kit. I’ll pick up a meter and raise ph to 6.5. Thanks for the help.:slightly_smiling_face:

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