Week 5 NL Flower, Looking Rough

So from a week ago till now they look seriously awful, and advice or help.

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Got any ph and ppm numbers in and out. Id suspect you might have lockout but not enough info.

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It’s pretty normal for the plant to start cannibalizing itself because of the food we feed em during flower doesn’t have enough nitrogen they’re almost done and should be just fine. The brown spots look to be a lack of calcium which means some of the yellow is probably lack of magnesium as well

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I agree with @Bow4Buck and @MeEasy ,you might try some Cal-mag and depending on how long until harvest,a small dose of fertilizer.

Ok thanks all, been putting 5ml of Cal mag with 1 gallon water feeding every 2-3 days. Ph of water is between 6.3 6.5. I am using MG which was a mistake as it has time released nutrients. Won’t be doing that again. Have not tested water out, I will next feeding for ph.

If they are in MG you should not feed, Mg feeds as you water!