Support ticket. Brown Spots on Leaves

I believe I have some nutrient deficiency. I just noticed these spots in leaves in what u thought was a super healthy plant
OG Kush photo
FFOF soil
1 week since switch to 12/12
Feed every 2-3 days
Flora nova Bloom 4, then 6 ml
600w led 18 in away
26 C /50 RH


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Are you using cal mag. You may be seeing start of cal mag deficiency.


That’s what I was thinking too after some research. Thanks. I just ordered some Cal Mag.
The spots aren’t on any of the tops thankfully.

It does look like calcium deficiency.
Do you measure your pH and ppms?

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I do PH my feedings/waterings. Haven’t been ppm-ing. I use both tap and distilled when possible. If my ppm is too high should I dilute with more water? S far they have been very healthy looking. A little short and fat rather than tall. Lots of potential bud sites I think.

This is a couple days ago. Thanks for ur comments

I’d think some cal mag will clear things up quick. No huge deal if you remedy soon.

Thx. Ordered some Friday on Amazon. Got here on Sun. Amazed. Wish I could find TOilet paper that’s easy! The spots Were few and scattered. All new top growth has no spots. This is one week into flower

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The damaged/ spotted leaves wont recover, but all new growth should be lush.