Can someone help starting to get brown spots on top of leaves

Not sure what this is coming from I was thinking calcium deficiency but I’ve give my plants bone meal PH is steady

I’m giving my plant bone meal as of now doesn’t it have all the key nutrients

Calcium deficiency weeds man
Read this article and look at those pictures of those leaves they look just like yours with those rust spots on them.
I just bought this stuff , . Haven’t tried it yet I’ve used several different Cal mags but this looks like it has the best ingredients

I had some gnats around would they done that to my leaves?


If it’s new growth that’s affected it is most likely a calcium deficiency. If it’s old growth that’s being affected and new growth is healthy it’s most likely a mag deficiency

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If you are sure that you have you pH right and has been, you have been measuring the ppm and pH of the soil… soil runoff, then it would not be a pH problem I would think.
Here is a leaf with calcium def -

and here is mag def-
Double check you pH runoff to be sure you have do not have lockout. Good luck !

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If it’s a bad infestation the fungus gnat larvae will mess with your roots. Unhappy roots can manifest in all sorts of leaf discolorations.

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Here ya go.

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Where are you determining that? Fill out a trouble ticket, like what soil you are using, how big are your pots and what is your runoff pH. fill the whole ticket out and you will get professional help here on this site. I can tell you from experience that most likely the culprit is pH. The plant will suck every last bit of nutrients out of the soil, (you are in soil right?) before it takes it’s leaves, but if lockout then it has no choice in the matter…calcium shows up as spots, rust spots grey spots, and magnesium will be shading edges and panels between veins. I only tell you this because this is what I have experienced in many grows, it is very hard to maintain pH (in soil compared to hydro) but very easy to let it get out of control in your soil. Then it takes time to get it back so the rule of thumb is to never let it get out of wack . Happy Growing and hope this helps some.