Deficiency During Flowering

Hi Everyone!
I was wondering if someone could help me figure out what this deficiency is. She’s about 9 weeks old growing in FFHF and 20% perlite. I’ve recently started adding calmag during every watering and feeding. All help is much appreciated, thank you!!

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Hello fellow growmie, From the pics it looks to me like a manganese deficiency. Yellow starting at the base and the brown spots. How is your PH? If it’s high (6.9 or more) that could be the issue. Or your plant could be getting too much iron. CalMag plus has iron. You have very little nutrient burn so I doubt you’re over feeding. If you are growing in soil, try a flush with ph’d RO or filtered water that includes manganese. You may have a lock-out and a salt build up. Flushing will remove the build up. Make SURE you water to 20% runoff and check the PH runoff. 6.5 in and 6.3 to 6.5 coming out. That’s my 2 cents. Watering with nutrients without a runoff will cause issues… That’s my 2 cents.


Thank you for the insight!! I think you’re right about the manganese deficiency, so I’ll definitely check the pH and flush the plant. Thanks for the help :smile:


Looks like was a calcium issue and maybe light on magnesium too but if you started adding that you may have stopped it’s advance.
What nutrients are you using?



Could be manganese but deficiency in that is not as common as calcium deficiency and that can look very similar to each other
Magnesium deficiency also shows yellowing interveinal along with calcium is more common. I guess I’ve never had issue with manganese just calcium and magnesium


True true indeed…was going to post a similar picture to yours above on calcium but fell :sleeping: Thing is one issue can cause other issues and can be similar. Wish you all the best in growing and sometimes figuring out things aren’t as easy and one would think…Hard Michigan well water was killer till I purchased water filtering like night and day for me anyway…

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I’m using Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur parts A and B, but I started her on nutrients pretty late into the growing process because I’m not quite sure what i’m doing! Do you think starting her on nutrients late is part of the problem?

There is a feeding schedule on their web site that you would want to follow. I don’t use their product but looks like they have a connoisseur grow and a connoisseur bloom product for soil and also one if using coco…
Take a look there but if you haven’t been following their schedule than that could be the cause of any issues.

Looks like they also have an app you can download and use for your feeding program…looks pretty cool but again I haven’t used their products.

Hope this helps