Need help identifying the problem

Hey all. I’m currently at the beginning of my second grow. The first turned out really well, with four healthy plants from seed to harvest. This time around, however, I’m having a little problem that I’d like help identifying. The leaves are trying to tell me something.

I’m using coco coir, which is the only thing I’m doing differently from last time. Any help is most appreciated.


Looks like you got a calcium deficiency going on. You adding calmag to your water?


@BobbyDigital seems to be right on.
Coco needs more calcium than soil and also a lower ph. 5.8 is your target.
Tell us what your feeding and ph has been.


I suspected as much, so just before I posted this I fed her some calmag. I hadn’t been doing so until now though, as my barely needed any. Ph has been around 6.

Looks more like magnesium to me, but calmag will take care of both, (if its not a lockout).

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Looks like magnesium deficiency.

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Dirt (growing medium) is too dry for the size of the plant. Flood it with H2O and a Nitrogen based fertilizer. CHECK YOUR PH LEVEL. Wait 4 days, have a look.