Bonsai Cannabis?

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I’m guessing it’s ok to post PDFs but maybe @dbrn32 can advise on the rules regarding this.


Oh, I didn’t know we can’t PM here.
Yeah, I can share my collection of books if it is ok with admin of the forum.
It is in my google drive, so I can do it anytime.


Hi mate mark from down Under,just wondering if 18 degrees C is too cold at night ,I’ve had them outside in this weather.we rarely get frost ,thanks for any info ,.all the best mark

I don’t have much experience to give a concrete answer but 18 Celsius (approx 65 Fahrenheit) is OK in my opinion. I am growing in the basement and we get really harsh weather during the winter month and my tent’s temperature gets 18-20 c (65-68 f) and it didn’t damage the plant. Just my experience…

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Sry to pop in like this, but maybe this dwarf has something in it genetically, lots of stuff happens by accident… heck, I’d try to get a clone from it first, finish the grow and process it…separately…if it does help better you may have better meds… or many not, but I would try. Lost my sister to BC, Mom to LC. I made Rso oil for my sis…good luck.


@Teacherttom1 Oh my! I am so sorry to hear about your sister and mom. The fact that this “dwarf” started to bud around 6 weeks, I was curious about the plant. I thought about cloning, but there are no branches.

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To best of my knowledge it’s fine to post informational stuff that doesn’t include advertising, links, personal contact information, or things along those lines. I would just do so in a way that doesn’t make it appear as plagiarism.


@dbrn32 Understand… It’s just pdf books on Cannabis. It will be helpful for growers. I will open a new thread and upload the books there so that other people can find them easily. Once I post, I will post the link to the new thread.


I agree,I ran into same problem now I have 2 separate closets. It’s really hard to keep different time schedules.

Well, I tried to upload my book collection but I cannot upload pdf or zip files.
Sorry… I tried. :frowning:


Thanks so much it doesn’t get any cooler than that so cheers I’ll run with that ,thanks mark from Oz

What growing material should I use to get best yields from yr feminine seeds?

Thanks guys,we try our best down under


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@THCCBD thank you for sharing. I hope you don’t mind, I am curious as to why and how the RSO is taken as a suppository method. Can you elaborate? I bought the book in the link and am waiting for delivery. Thank you in advance.

@AAA, For the cancer treatment, suggested daily dose is 1 gram of cannabis oil per day for 60 days (or until cure) . However, 1 gram of Cannabis Oil is huge amount to take even for the person who used to marijuana. My husband never had marijuana before and in order to build up tolerance, he will have to take very small amount daily and increase to 1 gram.
However, he didn’t have the luxury of the time. He was already going down hill really fast at the time, Also, he was, still is, working full time and he can’t function with high dose of THC.

The reason for the suppository method (people calls Backdoor method) is to by-pass the liver. The liver is the reason we get high. When we take RSO orally, THC travels through the liver to the brain to induce a head high. Also, when we smoke, it travels through the lungs to the villi, then on to the liver. Also, taking marijuana orally or smoking, both method takes the longest because of the digestive process and the amount of travel it takes to get to the brain. In the brain, THC interacts with nerve receptors, causing euphoria. When RSO administered rectally, the oil directly enters the bloodstream through the cell walls and goes directly into the body, which is quickly distributed through the vascular system.

So, administering RSO rectally is a direct application to the bloodstream, bypassing the liver. Cannabis suppositories allow for larger doses of medicine without the head high versus smoking and ingesting orally.

However, even with the backdoor method, you can not go deeper than 1-1/2 inches . If you do, the oil will go thru Liver and you’ll get high just like you would ingest. So, the key is to put oil just deep enough to hit between external anal sphincter and internal anal sphincter. (which is located about 1-1/2 from the entry point). *** This is so important. I didn’t know about hitting the between external anal sphincter and internal anal sphincter and first 3 days oil went up as far as the syringe allowed and he was out cold for 5 days.

I prepare RSO in 1 gram syringes ahead of the time, so he can just grab 1 syringe daily without worry about measuring, etc. I also use syringe with luer slip tip, not luer lock tip.

On the side note: According to my research, Cannabis suppositories deliver around 80 percent of the plant medicine, while taking cannabis orally delivers around 35 percent and smoking around 15 percent. So, rectal delivery of cannabis, provides the maximum amount of oil delivered with zero head high and no known side-effects.

I hope this answers your question.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Very thoughtful and educating response.

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@THCCBD. I have now made 2 successful batches of RSO.

I’m having problems handling the stuff. It sticks to everything.

My friends father is dying, it might be too late, but I want to try and convince him.

I can’t see how I would be able to administer this stuff in the rectum.

Do you just insert syringe and push the plunger?

I tried orally and it got stuck in my teeth. It’s serious stuff.

I hope your husband is doing well and thank you for any help you can give with administration.


@AAA I am not an experts on this. However, I can share what I’ve done from the experience.
Yes, the Cannabis Oil is very sticky and even leaking oil off from the utensils or your fingers will get you really high. So, try to avoid if possible.
What I’ve learned, in order to work cannabis oil to absolve in the body, it needs carrier oil (like coco oil, olive oil, coconut oil). There are many discussions on this (carrier oil) which is the best, etc. But, I am using whatever I have at the time, usually olive oil.
Also, another oil that I use is Sunflower Lecithin. Not many discussion about this, but I believe this is necessary.
The ratio that I use is 1/8 Olive Oil + 1/8 Lecithin + 3/4 cannabis extract oil. (some uses 1/4: 1/4:1/2)
I just add these carrier oils to the finished cannabis oil and mix. It will be hard to mix if the oil is not warm. So, I would put that beaker in the warm water and stir while you are mixing these ingredients together.
Once it is all mixed well, while it is still somewhat liquidy, I start to fill 1 g syringe (this is the daily dose), until there are none left in the beaker. ** If the mixture is hard to stir, you can change out the water to warm water.
Now you have xx numbers of 1g syringes ready to administer. I keep 1g cannabis oil filled syringes in the container in the room temperature. Since all of the “ready to use syringes” will be used within 3-6 months period, I don’t see the reason to keep it in the refrigerator. Besides, if you keep the syringe in the refrigerator, it is hard to push and you may end up warm the oil again.

This isn’t easy to do it yourself at first. So, if the caregiver can do it, it will be most ideal. As time goes on, the patient is able to administer the oil themselves.
It’s best to make a mark on the syringe about 1.5 inches to 2 inches from the tip if not sure how far to push in. The patient can tell when the syringe tip hit the area, he will feel urged. That is the right place to push the oil. After a few times, the patient will know if it is the right place and also caregiver can also know how far the syringe should go. 1.5 inches - 2 inches are the general area from the entry point since everyone’s body is different.

Make sure to use lubricant each time you use syringes. I use coconut oil (something hard). I keep about a tablespoon in the small container and just dip the end of the syringe in it. That way, you don’t have to prepare lubricant every day.

I think I covered pretty much all. Let me know if you have questions. I will be more than happy to reply to what I know. Again, this is from my experience and you may find other methods works better for you. Wish you the best!

// added notes:
You will have oil around the tips of syringes. To me, this is a waste since cannabis oil is precious. When filling the each syringes, I cut off small pieces of fresh bread and wipe the tip of syringes, This way, you don’t have to use alcohol to wipe the tips of syringes and waste all that good oil.
Save the bread in the air tight container. it will keep fresh for awhile. You can eat a few pieces of bread with butter or jam when you are in pain. Just a few pieces, because it will get you high real fast! This med is better than any pain med. You can also wipe the beaker and the utensils with bread.
This way, it is also easy to clean the utensils with small amount of alcohol and not waste any good oil.

This is the syringe I use. NO Needles! Someone actually inserts with a needle and the patient jump out of the bed. No kidding!


@THCCBD Thank you so much. Very thorough explanation.

I wish I had reached out earlier! I have already made 1 gram RSO syringes up. At this point I will probably squeeze it back out and heat up, mix with the other oils and re store in syringes.

How are you measuring the weight of the RSO if you are mixing in the oil?

Excellent idea with the bread, I probably threw out a gram on paper towels last night.