I think I figured it out. plant looks like it's growth is stunted. 5 weeks of veg. and only 10 inches tall. Very bushy though, I'ts a Sativa

The reason for the strings is that I am bending and training the main stem so that the leaves underneath get more light. I have 3 600 watt LEDs 24 inches from the top of the leaves. 18 hrs on and 6 off.

@Cannabian @Hellraiser What are your thoughts on the stunted growth of this 5 week old sativa?

This is only my second attempt at this. The first was bad. This attempt I started with 2 plants, but one was either male or Hermaphrodite, so I pulled it and threw it. It was much further along than the one I have left. Pretty disappointing! I’m pretty good at keeping the temp of the room (4’X4’X7’) between 72 and 80 degrees with the RH at 58 to 70 %. I have 3 - 600 watt LEDs 24 inches above the leaves. 2 are at a 45 degree angle, so light comes in from the side. Is that too much light? Or too close?

Not sativa, indica dominant. Leaves way to wide and short for a sativa.


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I thought more Indica as well. My Sativa is properly impressive and out stretching my other indica ladies.

I bought the seeds advertised as 100% Sativa. If you’re right,“I love Growing Marijuana” screwed me over to the tune of $12 per seed. I don’t like Indica at all. What a God damned crock!

There could be a lockout of minerals/nutrients . Or your lighting could of been to close or bright . Unless you got auto flower seeds ? @dbrn32 you may know more

Yeah, not a sativa, leaves too short and wide, no telling why the stunted growth, so many factors can cause that, over watering, not enough nutes, just a runt, etc…

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