Will you guys take a look at my indica? This was my test grow?

Just curious if they look pretty standard. 3 branch single plant…Dos si Dos. Smells strongly of urine… going on beginning of 3rd week of flowering.
I also have a golden goat. Great growth. I’ve

kept it a dwarve plant. But it’s flowering the same time as it’s indica sister except… almost no smell. Maybe the most passing of a gentle sweet smell. They both seem happy. But curious… why the lag in sativa flowering development? Thanks guys!!!⁰

The last two are of my Lady Golden Goat IE Sativa.

Sativa’s don’t start flowering until much later in the flowering process. They take longer to finish as well.


Ahhh Man thank goodness! So with the extended maturation time… im guessing the smell is in the mail then? Lol thank you for the heads up. I feel like less of a neglectful dad.

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Next grow you should leave the lower fan leaves. Those leaves provide the energy the plant needs to grow bigger. You will get bigger better buds by not defoliating. If you want to defoliate then do it towards the end of the grow after you have done most of the growing. Those big fat leaves provide the means for growth. Sugar leaves on the buds don’t do that.
People have the thought that the plant will use its energy to make bigger buds if they remove all the extra leaves. Problem is the roots don’t provide actual energy, the light is the actual energy source and the fan leaves are like solar panels. Without them your plant suffers.


Thank you. They’re are so many people with many good ideas. I saw the defoliation/ lollipop ping early on. So my plants are bald from there toes to the nose. Lesson gleaned lol. Thank you for your time!


I’m a big fan of defoliation. I believe I have harvested some of my biggest buds from plants that I defoliated right up until harvest.

Just before I put the plant into flower, I strip off anything on the lower 3rd of the plant. Anything that doesn’t reach halfway up the plant is gone. I do not remove fan leaves attached to any bud sights I am planning on keeping. I remove all the little growth on the inside of the plant and do this throughout the grow.


If that power strip has a red light switch on it, I would cover that switch. I have a similar one and just used black electrical to keep the light covered. :v::green_heart:

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