So sad 😥 I'm crying

I’m sad I had to chop 12+ inches off of my Bruce banner. She won’t stop growing. It is going to effect the light for my gg I don’t want airy bud. Sry just venting after using a whole bottle of alcohol and I’m still sticky. #problems.

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Stretching for light or what is the issue?

@dbrn32 I ordered autos and I got photos. I have a 72 inch high tent and it was tacoing with my light all the way up. I tried uploading pics. They are big. I am 90 days in and on week 3 of flower on a dwc systen. They are at 6 feet tall with 15+ colas. I know next time not to run these to strains together.

You have weak light that needs to run longer than 12 hours to hit dli?


I’d assume that instead (or also) they let the plants get too tall before switching to 12/12.

@Jdogg I want to point out that growing autoflowering plants places you at risk for this happening again. It sounds like you’re pretty stressed over the situation. I don’t want to compound your anxiety, but pruning cannabis in flower can stress the plants enough to cause them to show hermaphroditism. It’s something to keep an eye out for. If you see any pollen sacs, wet them with water and pluck them off.


I think you may have vegged too long
Sounds like you have some monster plants though

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Are you able to supercrop? That may be the only option at this point if you have even a little horizontal space. Or…any king of opening up…say tying branches to perimeter/poles of the tent should lower the height a bit. Yes we are talking about stressing her but shes stressed anyway if you’re lopping off parts.


i feel your pain. my first batch of BB i had a weak light and they hit 5 foot WAY early. i did end up being a little on the brutal side to manipulate them as much as possible to hold off on chopping. i took those two down in 3 seperate harvests to allow the middle and bottom catch up.

getting a better light was a more permanent solution. next batch looked like a totally different kind of plant.