Saying Goodbye to my first grow. Why do I feel sad? 😄

Coming out to do my first harvest, taking my final pics of her in ground. Given to me as a gift i didnt expect, I spent the summner in a crash course on weed growing determined not to let it be a waste. I feel i accomplished a successful first grow. I have recieved many compliments from people on her. Topped out at a little over 5 ft and with Colas all over the place, dense buds even on the bottom branches and no mold or bugs Im pretty happy. It didnt get 10 ft tall but that’s ok. I almost dont want to pull it up for some reason🤷‍♂️…Thank you to everyone on here who helped me. Burrrr it’s 40 degrees out in lower Michigan.


if you’re too sad to chop her ill come do it for ya😂


Actually i am kind of stuck, the relative humidity is 100% and its 37 lots of dew. Its supposed to be 51 and 66% tomorrow. Thinking of mold

66% isnt to bad and 60% is pretty much ideal worse case scenario go pick up a largish dehumidifier from a home depot they’re a Lil pricey but it’s worth it for saving you 600$+ of bud. P.s. i was sad to cut down my 1st zkittles too , still some of the biggest buds ive ever grown but purple punch and wembly might win out


The feeling hasn’t gone away for me. I get sad in the fall when I see them fading as they try so hard to hang on. May sound weird but I tell each plant thank you before I chop.

I think I would experience this too if I grew outdoors. Since I don’t have seasons indoors I don’t have to be sad - one on the chopping block means room for a new seed. :v::100:

Absolutely. Take that success with you into the next grow and beyond. Congratulations on your first harvest. :sunglasses:

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This is what she looks like now as of this morning…

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