Bittersweet 1st harvest

Started out as a great grow until the last month, which in lower NYS has been nothing but rain or 95 degrees heat plus ultra high humidity. Needless to say it took a huge toll on my girls.
Finally made the decision to harvest early. Ended up with 911 grams of wet buds, along with another 450 grams of buds infected with bud rot. They are now drying in my basement with a fan and dehumidifier set at 45%.
First time growing, definitely a learning experience. Will do more research next year, and hope for less rain and humidity.


Nice. That’s still a nice harvest. Don’t feel bad almost every outdoor grower has had bud rot this year. Here in the Midwest, humidity and heat has been off the charts too. Pretty much just plain swampy. It’s still 91 degrees here and it’s mid September.

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If only part of the bud is infected with bud rot and removed, is it safe to smoke the non infected part of the bud??

Yes I think that’s safe. I would recommend washing the bud though to remove any residual mold that may be on there.

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Most guys use a tap of 3% peroxide per gallon of water. You may want to post a question about it though to be safe.

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the dip method works well.

never knew it till lately. used to just cut off the molded sections. lost almost 50% once when the colas were huge and looked ok…BUT…once spread apart to check, it was a very sad black sight.

good luck

Tanlover, exact same thing happened to me. Looked ok until I spread the colas apart and there was the ugliness.

Yeah, got depressed and din sleep so good that night.

Amazing how the advanced mold was not visible from the outside.

dang…now you guys got me worried…i’m a first time grower and just took my second small section of rot out…should I just harvest now?

SINCE you already had mold, would be a good idea to check morning and evening…if possible.
If the forecast for your area is going to be more mold producing weather, might be a good idea to bring them in before anymore heavy rains and resultant humidity. Better to have something to smoke, than to let the mold screw up months of care and hope.

Best Wishes…:cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v:

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yea thats what i was thinking…i’m planning on making a lot of tea too… i wish i could wait for some amber but rot doesn’t make good tea either i suppose! thanks for the advice…i’ll settle for cloudy and not rotty…heh.

Might be a good idea to take what you can…before it gets worse.

Don’t forget the peroxide dip to kill any hidden mold on what you can save.

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FYI===stems and roots can be used for tea. Have used stems for years, just read where roots are also used for medical purposes. Stem tea is much like camomile tea…but without the farts later.

In the “Good Old Days”—har har har, people wanted leaf weed to smoke. The market demands changed as the consumer got educated and the Free Weed States have changed the demand for drug cartel weed has dried up. Will be nice when Texas becomes a Free State…:cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute:


Hey FuzzyD, it sucks, but better some bud than none at all. I must say, it was quite surprising to see how much rot got in the colas. Don’t want to be a Debbie downer, but check those colas good. That s@*t can hide. Good luck with your harvest.

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oh nice, I didn’t know the roots were used too. Do the roots contain THC and CBD? I’m gonna have to look this one up…thanks again! BTW, did the peroxide dip on half the plant today (most all the big colas/buds) … Plenty of small mold spots, many with a little caterpillar in there…

Glad you were able to salvage some goodies. It it always a continuous process to know what the plant is doing. Mold is everywhere and will invade colas if conditions are right.
Some of the little black spots around the caterpillar is poop.

The Chinese used the roots to help new mothers to stop bleeding.

Do not think roots have THC. It would be well known if it was.

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