Bud rot found 1 wk to harvest!

Today I am devastated- 1 wk til harvest so I had planned, but discovered bud rot on 2 of my 3 Northern Lights autos. Mostly on the main cola towards upper half. I removed all the rotted buds that I could see and threw them out, but wondering if the main top isn’t affected can I dry it anyway? I chopped the whole top off. Also I read it’s better to go ahead & harvest early so no time to put in dark or flush?
It’s my 1st time and I had problems with humidity fluctuations all throughout the grow.I’ve ordered a dehumidifier for the next grow but not in time to save these.
So very sad :cry:

Right , that’s never good news , but humidity must be less than 45% through the flower period , and fresh air must flow through and around the plant or bud rot can become an issue.

Keep your chin up Mari,

We all have made mistakes. Some not so bad some well lets just say I had to start all over again. The worst part was it being over 15 plants down the tube.
So hang in there you’ll be fine.

B Safe

Yeah I can’t believe it, right at the end for this to occur- so I’m cutting them today but instead of hanging the whole plant, thinking better to cut individual branches. Again paying closer attention to humidity- it’s been a problem from the start & since temps are dropping/rainy season starting , only will get worse.My de-humidifier supposed to come today.
Thanks guys!

Well I harvested the 3 NL’s yesterday, got my de-humidifier & all are hung/drying in my shed, temps are around 70, RH 40-42 during daytime, last night dropped to 33.
Is it alright for humidity to drop low during drying?

You be ok. As long as they dont dry out.