Beginner are these ready to harvest?

Plant a:

Plant b:

Thank you!!! Are they almost ready/ ready? Theyre about 8 wks old


They are almost done 8 weeks old a lot of red hair on them red hair orange bud

The first one is still ripening a little it don’t have all the red hairs like plant two is this same kind of plant or are the they different

East coast what you growing in are you a soil grower organic also or hydroponic guy

I’d go with almost, probably give them another 2 weeks if it was me. Really best to scope out the trichs and see what they say (cloudy with few ambers is the time to harvest).


Smoke some up roll a dube bong spliff see if you like the high or not @Hellraiser👋 Nice to see you

Nice ! Last two autos i finished this year I went 14 weeks. They look healthy. I would fatten those babies up a little more. As mentioned keep an eye on those trichs.

Damn 14 weeks they must have been beauties. I think I will let them go 2-3 more weeks, I have some that are gonna need 12 or 14 for sure

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Thank you I did put a bit in the pipe, while its good, its a bit earthy and not potent enough.

soil Chick lol Thanks ppl for the advice whose gonna have a good 4/20 ??

Thanks for the advice, I don’t have a mircroscope on hand at the moment… unless my brother will drive me over my microscope from high school science

Same plant white widow, I LST some, topped two… so they look different all of them