New grower, need some advice, are these ready?

Hi there, I’m new to growing. These are white widow autoflower and I’m just not sure if these are ready to harvest? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much

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More pics


not by the pics only…still need more time

First, welcome to the forum, new myself, my old eyes needs a closer look. Better eyes will arrive soon to help.

Please share your girls story.

Thanks so much! My camera isn’t that great, these are white widow auto flowers. I will try to post pics of the full plant

Need that to make the call.

Sorry work calls. Here are the full plants, thanks again!


Is there away to hide yhe pink pot? Wife gonna want some. :laughing:


Those pots are AWESOME, I wash and reuse them every year!

They look brand new.

Close, got another week at least. The trichomes will stop shimmering so much when they are done.

Thank you so much!!!

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When done they will be opaque like the bottom if this banger

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That is extremely helpful. Thank you so much Docnraq