White widow first grow help help help

Hey guys thanks for the level up. So I’m new to growing and am tired of spending money on what I can harvest myself. First run with ILGM white widow auto flowers. I think my pictures don’t amount to some of the flawless pics I’ve seen here but any insight on what you guys think would be great. I must warn you though I think I got too happy defoliating and my girls look naked :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Today is day 105 since breaking ground

Plant one

Plant two


Welcome Growmie, do you have a scope or jeweler’s loop to check the trichomes? Hard to tell from the pics, plant 2 looks pretty good. At 105 days I would guestimate they’ve been in flower around 70 days or so. In my growing experience I can usually harvest anywhere from week 10-12 with a few going 14 weeks in flower :love_you_gesture:


No I don’t have a jewelers loop but will get one tonight and add some better pics.

I see the bottom buds still a little airy. I was hoping a few more days would Densen them up a bit


Mine took 13 an a half weeks from a sprout


You did that right :+1: good job buddy


@OGIncognito are these any better views?


@MidwestGuy would love your insight too brother

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Always love weed porn. Dealer’s choice here. it’s ready but could improve. In all of those I only saw a couple amber trichromes. From here it depends on your patience level and how low you are on smoke, lol. A couple weeks more so long as the plant stays healthy (as healthy as a dieing plant can look). They look great.


Hard for me to tell from the pics Growmie :love_you_gesture:

This might help.


@omeyer for the win. Its still kind of hard to judge but i see enough confirmed not clear to be in the window. Id let her go another week or two like previously said. Let her marinate and pull all those nutrients up. Only water til the end


@PurpNGold74 really? I was planning on one week of feed and one week of flush but I will do that instead. Thank you all again for the help


Agree with @PurpNGold74 …I water feed my last 2 weeks versus a harvest flush :love_you_gesture:


Dealers choice (to steal from someone lol).

Those last few weeks can be super important. So feed if you please. If you see any signs of excess, stop. Some growers feed right up til harvest


I’m chopping those myself…when those trichomes bend over like that it’s done as far as I’m concerned. Sometimes white widow won’t go amber until too late and then you’re dealing with bud that will put you to sleep after 3 hits. I don’t want that most of the time @RA305ra . I don’t mean to confuse the issue but I’ve grown white widow quite a few times.


@OldSkunk so would you agree to start flushing this week and cut after a few days of plant soaking in what’s in the soil?

I’d be giving them food tomorrow so maybe run just water wait a few days water only again and then wait a few days to soak up and then chop?

Will flushing them longer change anything in the taste of the bud when smoked?


Does flushing help the potency?

@RA305ra flushing it makes it a smoother hit instead of a throat burn I flush mine for 2 weeks I up the water to makes it suck last of nutrients out of the soil.


Some don’t flush at all. I flushed with a couple of gallons of water at a time over a period of 8-10 days when I grew in soil @RA305ra . I don’t know if it made any difference but I never had harsh smoke. Some on here will say they don’t flush at all and they don’t have harsh smoke. Flushing has no effect on potency as far as I know @Dj351.


Just an updated pic. Tracking says I’ll get my scope tonight so I will add some pictures of trichomes up close.

I’m the mean time

White widow Auto ILGM seeds

Day 109 since breaking ground
No training what so ever. Just let them run wild

White widow auto ilgm seeds plant two

@eight I’m happy with the end result given I just found out I have a really crappy light in that tent. Next run will be better.